Boston Ballet Company Dancers Leap for Joy Using Muscle Angels® Massagers to Relax Sore and Achy Muscles this Nutcracker Season

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Physical Therapists and Chiropracters at The Boston Ballet Company chose and recommend Muscle Angels® massagers for their dancers with sore muscles. This holiday Nutcracker season, Muscle Angels® help minimize the intensity and frequency of muscle pain from common repetitive stress injuries from dancing, including–piriformis syndrome/sciatica, tight iliotibial (IT) bands, sore iliopsoas muscles, plantar fasciitis, referred pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia, leg cramps, tendonitis or carpal tunnel injuries, and more.

Reducing pain from Plantar Fasciitis and other foot and leg muscle issues is easy and effective.

My Muscle Angels® massager really helps to work out the tight muscle knots [from eight hours of dancing each day].

Medical personnel recognize the preventative and therapeutic benefits, ease-of-use, and portability, of this unique product, and therefore, appreciate Muscle Angels® patented ergonomic design which has proven effective for quick relief from all-over-body muscle pain. This proven relief is the reason the Boston Ballet Company has become a true believer in Muscle Angels® massagers -- especially, during the busy Nutcracker season.

Whitney Jensen, Soloist with the Boston Ballet, praises Muscle Angels® for helping reduce muscle pain after a strenuous day of dancing. “My Muscle Angels® massager really helps to work out the tight muscle knots [from eight hours of dancing each day]. I have to guard it carefully though, as my fellow colleagues have been known to steal it from my dance bag”!

The Muscle Angels® massager is the first product of its type to combine the benefits of myofascial trigger point, acupressure, and deep tissue massage, in an all-in-one therapeutic product. Results are achieved by combining several surface textures and shapes in order to help users minimize pain from tight trigger point knots. Each user determines the exact amount of pressure or intensity needed for their specific pain. Additionally, the product’s patented ergonomic design is especially effective on the types of muscle pain and repetitive strain injuries-- including plantar fasciitis, often experienced by professional dancers and other athletes.

Corp de ballet member, Kelsey Hellebuyck, with the Boston Ballet Company, purchased two Muscle Angels® so that she could work multiple areas, or both sides of her body, simultaneously. “I find it addicting, but it is a great habit to get into to assist with recovery from a long day of dancing.”

Susan Z. Robins, president and founder of Muscle Angels®, is delighted that Muscle Angels® massagers are helping to keep the Boston Ballet Company in fine dancing form. “With the holiday Nutcracker season in full swing–now, more than ever, dancers are searching for preventative and therapeutic tools to help reduce muscle pain and tension from over-use,” Susan says. “It is extremely rewarding to know that these esteemed dancers are reaping such benefit from their Muscle Angels® massagers – an invention that came into being as the result of my own personal hand and arm pain. I am especially delighted to know that Muscle Angels® are helping people “Get Back to Living®”– or, in the case of The Boston Ballet Company --“Get Back to…Dancing!”

About Muscle Angels®, a Norbis Innovations Company, LLC.

Muscle Angels®, a Norbis Innovations Company, was formed in July 2009 with the VISION of helping improve the quality of life for people (and now, pets) who suffer from muscle pain and tension. Muscle Angels® patented massagers are both preventative and therapeutic. Results are achieved by combining the benefits of Myofascial Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue Massage—in an all-in-one, easy-to-use, product. They are the only massagers of their type that offer a hands-free option for people with bilateral hand and arm pain, as well as an add-on product that enables users to access hard-to-reach muscles—without assistance.

Muscle Angels® massagers are sold in physical and massage therapy practices (including Boston's Children's Hospital physical and occupational therapy department), running stores (including Fleet Feet), resorts and spas (including Canyon Ranch and The Huntington Hotel and Nob Hill Spa in CA, and others), online distributors and retailers including Alimed, Inc.,, and more. See website for more testimonials, and to view the short instructional videos.

About The Boston Ballet Company

Boston Ballet, founded in 1963 by E. Virginia Williams, was the first professional repertory ballet company in New England. Boston Ballet features some of the most exciting talents in the dance world. Whether presenting classical treasures or world premieres, Boston Ballet dancers shine with exceptional artistry and drive. The Company employs over 50 dancers from more than 17 different countries. Boston Ballet's company dancers are strong, versatile artists who have mastered a variety of styles of dance and have accomplished professional experience performing and touring internationally.


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