Seattle Area Chiropractor Lays Out A Gameplan For Bowl Season

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Seattle Chiropractor Belltown Spine and Wellness, encourages sports enthusiasts to take a time-out during their football gluttony this bowl season.

Seattle Chiropractic

Seattle Chiropractic

While people wrap up their holiday shopping and prepare for New Years parties, many Northwesterners will be spending their holiday break indulging in one college football game after another. While this is a great thing to do, it is a wise idea to follow a few guidelines in the football watching gameplan that will help avoid strain and back pain.

Take A Halftime Too

Sitting puts more strain on a person's back than standing, so it’s important to stand and watch the game for a few minutes every quarter. It’s a good excuse to get more into the game. While sitting the body holds an equivalent of 140% of the body weight, whereas standing puts 100% of the body weight on the back. While watching the game during commercial breaks drop down and do a quick set of push-ups or lunges. Remember to keep good form though! It’ll help use different muscles and keep blood circulation flowing.

During the halftime break, take the opportunity to do a physical activity, preferably aerobic. This would be a good time to go on a walk with a significant other, or throw the pigskin around with some friends.

When the game kicks off for the second half, take some time to do some stretches. According the Mayo Clinic, stretching will help improve performance and reduce injuries. The increased range of motion and blood flow to the muscles will also proactively decrease the likelihood of serious conditions like tendinitis or trauma.

Good Eats

When the game heats up, the pace of food heading to the mouth increases. At the same time, people who eat while watching sports pay less attention to what they are eating and at what quantity. There are some good preventative measures that can be taken before the big game. Instead of setting out high-sodium/high-fat chips and dip, set out mixed veggies with a low-fat ranch dip or hummus. There are also a number of healthier alternative chips available now, such as vegetable chips or bean and rice chips. Popcorn is another great low-fat finger food – just skip on the extra butter and salt. Another great gut saver tip is to use smaller plates. That simple action will give the illusion of regular portions while keeping the actual amount of food down.

Now that there is an activity plan during the game and healthy snacks, get ready for the big game. Bust out your foam finger, practice a victory dance, and get together with game-watching buds for a great bowl season.

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