Announced Closure of 43 IRS Offices (IR-2012-54) Means Settling Back Taxes Just Got Harder; Companies Like Platinum Tax Defenders are the Only Places Left to Turn

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Remedying Back Taxes Just Got Harder: The IRS Announced the Closure of 43 Offices (IR-2012-54) over the course of 2012 and 2013. as Part of a Broader Cost Saving Effort, it Will Save Real Estate Costs by Over $1.5 Billion but at What Expense?

Tax Resolution Services By Platinum Tax Defenders.

Can Offer In Compromise offer any tax debt relief?

The phrase “Back taxes” has become somewhat of household Jargon over the past 4-5 years. This is due in part to the on-going reverberations of the recession that our economy continues to experience.

Continued cutbacks in government spending at the federal, state and local levels have now made their way to local IRS office. As part of a ‘broader Administration’ effort, the cuts aim to save government real estate costs by closing 43 offices, reducing occupied space by 945,000 square feet. This means seeking help for services such, as Tax Resolution and Tax Debt Relief consultation are now becoming more difficult to come by.

Platinum Tax Defenders is a full service tax resolution service provider, with an expert team of tax attorneys, CPA’s, Tax Analysts and Former IRS agents with cumulative industry experience spanning 60 years. Platinum Tax Defenders provides prudent full-fledged, payment plan, bank levy and h collection appeals Tax Resolution services.

“What if?” is the most commonly asked question from struggling taxpayers when trying to Settle Back Taxes. This process can prove to be a daunting task and an even bigger challenge without the appropriate help. A Tax attorney is considered the most effective way to handle various and complex tax related issues that come along with Settling Back Taxes.

The phrase “Back taxes” has become somewhat of household Jargon over the past 4-5 years. This is due in part to the on-going reverberations of the recession that our economy continues to experience. The average American household has seen their income virtually disappear prompting increased defaults on revolving and long-term household debts, a significant part of which comes in the shape of taxes.

Local IRS tax office fill a void by providing a source of help to the consumer who wants to handle their Tax Debt Relief solutions in a vis-à-vis (face-to-face) manner however unbeknownst to the consumer, payment plans can be substantially higher than what can be afforded, and the best option for a tax payer is usually left off the table. Much like the local IRS tax office, Tax Resolution professionals such as Platinum Tax Defenders fill the void providing by firstly consulting with clients to first determine their federal and state tax problems, secondly, conducting investigations to determine what exactly is owed and for what years, thirdly, place a hold on further collections and finally analyzing the current financial situation to determine the best resolution for the taxpayer

Platinum Tax Defenders is keen on providing Tax Resolution services that covers all the bases. It utilizes a team of professionals with accounting, legal and tax backgrounds ensuring that each client profile is unique, encompassing all the necessary information to put forward the best profile to negotiate on their clients behalf. Individuals seeking tax relief from the frustrating, time-consuming and often intimidating process of dealing with the IRS should always seek professional help even more-so now with the ensuing closure of 43 IRS offices which means coming to grips with the “tax-man” could prove to be even more difficult.

Platinum Tax Defenders clients have been quoted as saying “The make up of the team at Platinum Tax Defenders allowed for the prompt and accurate diagnosing of my tax burdens, I felt much more knowledgeable and secure knowing the team had various professionals working together on my behalf” – (Valued Customer, 2010).

The IRS offers several options in for individuals who owe back taxes and are trying to rectify the situation but surely liquidating bank accounts, cars, boats, homes, life insurance and 401k plans is not some that is desired. Platinum Tax Defenders understands this need and this is where the professional help of experts come in. The IRS programs such as “Extension of Time to pay”, “Installment Agreement” “ Delaying Collection” and “Offer in Compromise are all options that fall within the realm of settling up on taxes and are all options that Tax resolution experts such as explore. Where Platinum Tax Defenders services provide the most value-added is providing a customized service to clients, eliminating the many nuances of applying and negotiating on these programs and offering a resolution that mitigates the undesired loss of income, real estate and assets to the taxpayer. It is the tax expert’s duty to have a well-rounded understanding of their client in order to minimize loss and negotiate terms on their behalf, which are reasonable.

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