Bankruptcy Attorney Riverside Retained For $100 From Riverside Bankruptcy Attorneys Zhou and Chini For Local Residents Still Struggling From The Weak Job Market

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Riverside California bankruptcy lawyers Zhou and Chini have some residents experiencing some relief from creditors. The bankruptcy attorney Riverside consultations offered to area residents has inspired some interest with the bankruptcy firm allowing individuals to speak to a Riverside bankruptcy attorney for free. The bankruptcy law office of Zhou and Chini extended their advertising campaigns to consist of Riverside as a brand new area for payment plans. The bankruptcy law office has been filing bankruptcy in Riverside for some time now, but are trying to attract new clientele in Riverside by offering the payment plans starting as low as $100 down through free consultations whether in person or over the phone.

Bankruptcy Attorney Riverside

Stop creditors harassing calls, start the bankruptcy process in Riverside County for $100 speak to an attorney now!

The residents of Riverside and all Southern California know all about bankruptcy. Numerous have fought through the difficult financial times, but are nonetheless unable to get a hold on finances. Some look to a Riverside bankruptcy attorney to help ease the tension and harassment from creditors. Riverside bankruptcy attorneys Zhou and Chini have already been offering help to some of the individuals in Riverside that have affected. A law firm representative said, “We are promoting our $100 down stops creditor calls, by marketing the slogan with free consultations for bankruptcy in Riverside; our goal is to help those in need of financial relief.”

The very first step prior to anything is to see whether an individual will be filing will be for a Chapter 7 or perhaps a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Before filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Riverside, the filer must take a means test which takes income, expenses, assets, and liabilities into account. As a rule of thumb, when the filer’s income is below that of the state’s median income, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Riverside will be permitted. For either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, filers can go straight to the court but it is highly recommended to have an experienced Riverside bankruptcy attorney do the bankruptcy court filing. When a consumer files a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Riverside, there’s no minimum or maximum amount of debt one can eliminate. A Riverside bankruptcy attorney will be able to tell that individual if you qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy by running a "means test", as well as informing if all of your debts are dischargeable. What kind of information will a bankruptcy attorney need prior to a person files for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy? The individual will need to get together various documents, including: A list of assets and liabilities (typically pulling a credit report helps) income and expenses as well as other pertinent documentation (W2's and tax returns are required).

Some Riverside property owners face foreclosure and might not qualify for the HARP Refinance program. If that’s the situation, there are methods to stop a foreclosure; a person can also stop foreclosure process by filing bankruptcy. By filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case an individual can catch up on back payments home and bills through the payment plan worked out with the bankruptcy trustee. The person must continue to make timely payments on the home during the bankruptcy case, or the lender petition the court to proceed with the foreclosure sale. The bankruptcy attorneys Zhou and Chini can assist you filing for bankruptcy in Riverside.

An Individual may also attempt to negotiate a loan modification with the lender. This may permit them to keep the home and make the payments on the debt more manageable. Many programs have been created to help homeowners stay in their homes due to the current mortgage crisis. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides information on the government’s programs to help homeowners negotiate a mortgage modification. A Riverside attorney can help with negotiate with a lender to obtain a loan modification. Fees associated with the negotiation process may limit the benefits of the modification received.

The use of a skilled bankruptcy attorney in Riverside to assist someone in debt is being used more and more as individuals find out the bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of. The bankruptcy law office of Zhou and Chini, have devoted numerous hours to provide free information on the firm’s website and also through social media. The firm believes by providing as much information possible to the public, it will allow consumers to make smart choices on financial decisions, or whether or not they qualify for bankruptcy. For more information visit

The Riverside bankruptcy attorneys uses SEO professionals to assist in law firm marketing to promote the message about the importance of speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer in Riverside CA. if someone is considering filing. The firm continues its online presence by offering zero cost bankruptcy information on bankruptcy firm’s blog and social media pages. This information along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more Riverside residents looking for financial relief. To read more on the bankruptcy firm’s Facebook page visit

About the Firm: The Law Office of Zhou & Chini servicing the cities and counties of California. He is a graduate of UCLA and has been practicing law since 1999. Mr. Zhou has a wealth of experience in bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, criminal law and unlawful detainers. Zhou and Chini Law Offices provide bankruptcy assistance to Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego residents. If you live in San Diego or Orange County and believe you may qualify for a reverse mortgage to help manage debts speak with one of our specialists.For more information about the bankruptcy law firm please call the toll free, 888-901-3440 or visit

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