Shpoonkle Helping Consumers who are “Too Broke” to Get Help.

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According to recent research as many as a million consumers may be too broke to get legal help to file for bankruptcy.

Too Broke for Bankruptcy

Too Broke for Bankruptcy

“Going through bankruptcy makes you feel like you have failed, and it was hard for me to face. I had to stop ignoring my bills and stop the situation from getting worse. "

According to a recent CNN Money article “Too broke to go bankrupt” as many as a “million consumers are estimated to be unable to afford the steep cost” of bankruptcy this year.

Filing for bankruptcy is a very complicated, emotional, and costly process. Common forms of bankruptcy can cost upwards of $2000 according to research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. If a person could afford $2000 in legal fees for filing bankruptcy, they probably wouldn’t be filing in the first place. In some cases, pro bono assistance is available, but with so many legal aid organizations’ resources cut, and so many needing this legal aid; finding pro bono help is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a legitimate need for many to file bankruptcy especially in a hard economy; this could be due to foreclosure, unemployment, excessive medical bills, disability, and other causes.

Daniel Bortz quotes experts in his US News article “Are You Too Broke to Go Bankrupt?” who state that "If you truly need to file bankruptcy, you truly need to hire an attorney." As tough economic times continue, it has become more and more difficult for consumers to file for various types of bankruptcy. The code and forms have gotten very complicated and more expensive. In the same article, Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education at, “advises against using a bankruptcy preparation service in lieu of hiring an attorney. ‘These services are really only designed to fill out the forms, but they are not allowed to give legal advice,’ she says.”

Many consumers who are in need of taking action with a bankruptcy are caught in a vicious downward cycle. They cannot afford their bills and cannot afford to find help. This problem is impacting not only those on limited incomes but the middle class as well. Shpoonkle is trying to help these consumers by helping them to connect easily online with more options and affordable and/or potential pro bono services.

In these bankruptcy cases posted on the Shpoonkle site, consumers have either found help with both Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy matters. Some of the clients who posted cases were able to get guidance and find alternative debt reduction to Bankruptcy too. One Shpoonkle client was able to save almost 40% off what other attorneys had told her during offline consults. “Going through bankruptcy makes you feel like you have failed, and it was hard for me to face. I had to stop ignoring my bills and stop the situation from getting worse. Being able to reach out to attorneys and remain anonymous made it easier, less embarrassing and saved me a lot of money,” stated another Shpoonkle client customer.

If you are struggling with bills and debt, and need help you can use Shpoonkle for free and compare your choices and costs with qualified legal professionals who want to help you today.

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