Banta Diet Announced 92% Success Rate of its Weight Loss Program, Based on Nutrient Ratios of Foods, in Use Since 2002.

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The Banta Diet plan, tried by over 1500 participants, yielded satisfactory and lasting weight loss. The participants, 80% of whom were USA online users, reported a decrease in hunger and craving as well as an increase in perceived energy.

The Banta Diet plan, tried by over 1500 participants since 2002, yielded satisfactory and lasting weight loss.

Participants, 80% of whom were USA online users, reported a decrease in hunger and craving as well as an increase in perceived energy.

"I am so thrilled! I can't believe this is happening! I realize now that I have never had this kind of success on another diet and I am very motivated to continue" said Dawn, who lost 11 pounds in 1 week.

The program is based on the scientific fact that different combinations of macro-nutrients -- carbohydrates, fats, and proteins -- tend to trigger one of two different metabolic pathways. These pathways use either carbohydrates or lipids (fats) for fuel and it is possible to calculate, with mathematical precision, which pathway will prevail.

This approach has been in clinical use since 1920s for treatment of intractable childhood epilepsy. As such, there is a vast body of evidence collected on its safety. Although the Ketogenic diet could not make its way to general public as a weight loss program because it was very hard to comply with, the highly motivated hard-core bodybuilders used many of the diet's advantages. For decades, the bodybuilders demonstrated highly reproducible fat loss results, while sparing and increasing the muscle mass.

The remarkable story of Dr. Atkins diet's transition from heresy into the mainstream weight loss program has interrupted the search for a better yet diet plan -- for a while, anyway. What is happening now is the evident decline of low carb dieting idea at large. The official South Beach Diet website has recently reminded that it's no low carb diet. Statistical data revealed that 50% of low carb dieters are giving up and currently only 9% of the US dieters follow the low carb way.

"We analyzed hundreds of cases of Atkins diet failures, and came to the conclusion that there were mostly two reasons for them" said Dr. Tanya Zilberter, the Banta founder. "One reason was the illusion (usual for dieters) of complying with diet rules while in fact cheating them. Another one was more serious and diet-specific. It's the fact that Dr. Atkins left the true amount of carbohydrates (the one going
into the blood) uncertain.

The fact is, counting only carb grams in foods isn't enough. Almost 50% of food protein will be converted into blood glucose. Without taking this amount into account, one can't tell which biochemical pathway will take over -- fat burning or fat storing one. You should also count protein and fat grams -- but their ratios, as well."

The task seemed to be unrealistic for a lay person trying to lose weight without professional supervision. So Dr. Zilberter developed a plan allowing the user to ignore any kind of counting at all.

The Banta Diet consists of pre-calculated "all-you-can-eat" food lists, meal plans, and recipes that insure the proper ratios of carbohydrates plus protein to fat amounts. Compared with the clinical ketogenic diet or that in use by bodybuilders, Banta is much more liberal and easy to comply with. The dieters contacted by Banta team, one year after they lost all unwanted body weight, reported that they kept the lost weight off by simply returning to the stricter phases whenever necessary.

"I feel I was successful with your diet. I lost 30 lbs and 2-3 inches around the waist. I achieved this in about three months and was able to maintain this weight most of the year until the holidays when I gained back about 8 lbs. I am back on it now and back to 195," said Lloyd who was at 225 when he started the diet in November 2002.

The advanced phases of Banta combine the advantages of many successful dieting approaches -- such as rotation with low-fat plans, vegetarian days, and fruit fasts. Which one a dieter chooses and when depends on his or her ongoing results. At affordable prices, Banta provides online planning tools, CD software, individual support, and printed or downloadable eBook.

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