Diets Fail Because of Hunger, Cravings, Boredom, and Too Much Counting -- Not on the Banta Diet

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Banta dieters reported craving decrease or complete disappearance within 3 to 8 days on the diet.

Have you ever asked yourself why do overweight people feel hungry, all the while having so much energy stored in their fat depots? The answer is because their bodies, fooled by the wrong way of eating, fail in recognizing their own fat as fuel.

Different from hunger are cravings, which are direct consequence of the above mentioned failure. In a way, craving is a false hunger for an easy fuel, such as carbohydrate-rich food. As long as we yield to this false demand, the vicious circle remains closed. On the other hand, as soon as your body recognizes its own fat as a good food source, it stops being dependent on what it considered an easy source of energy, carbohydrates, and naturally stops craving them. On low carb diets, cravings usually stop within the first week.

Many talk about dieting boredom. The published an article titled "Spiceless Atkins diet bores you thinner" where they quoted professor Arne Astrup, a nutrition expert from the RVA University, Copenhagen: "The success of the low-carbohydrate diet might be due to the restriction of the variety of food choices - the monotony and simplicity of the diet could inhibit appetite and food intake."

The Banta Diet founder, Dr Zilberter, disagree: "The beauty of our unique approach is that ny food is OK, eventually. In cases when dieters can't wait, we help in creating designer meals including the food in question because the Fat Burning Index of entire meal can always be compensated -- and we know how to do this," said Tanya Zilberter, PhD. "The ways of eating we gradually develop for our clients are as different as their bodies are. Some of our dieters become vegetarians, yet others adhere to ones that are completely satisfying to them, no-count very low calorie plans, periodic fasts, or the one-meal-a-day plans."

"My hunger level went way down and I was in moderate to heavy ketosis most of the time; I'm surprised my cravings for sweet things were so easily suppressed," - wrote Stephanie after one week on the diet.

"LESS hungry NO cravings, a little more energy," - reported Bernales (lost 2 pounds and 1.5 inches in one week.)

"The recipes are fabulous, my friends raved about that mashed cauliflower. I seem to be a creature of habit. People are definitely commenting on my changing body. I can't tell you how very grateful I am for your wonderful help, support, education and personal attention. I look forward to learning, and trying, more." - Naomi (lost 4 pounds and 1 1/2 inches in two weeks)

The food choices offers decrease appetite due to the "right" combination of fat:carb+protein so the dieters eat less without watching how much they eat, as long as they stick to the food lists and meal plans. This is Banta's solution to the "too much counting" component of the reason why diets fail.

"Counting" is a serious problem in any diet. counting carbohydrates is no exclusion. In a recent survey by NPD Group, most low-carb dieters actually consumed more carbs than they thought they did. The study of 11,000 consumers concluded that only one out of every four low-carb dieters "are actually significantly cutting carbs," according to

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