College Students and Alcohol Could be a Tragic Combination This New Years

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While it’s something they might not want to think about, parents of College Students and Young Adults shouldn’t ignore one sobering statistic. Odds indicate that there’s a strong possibility that their son or daughter will succumb to peer pressure when it comes to drinking alcohol and driving. Encouraging them to “Keep It Home” when they drink with Home Bar Furniture they think is cool could save their lives.

College Students May Be Drinking This Year

3,360,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 drive under the influence of alcohol. Of that group 599,000 are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol, and 1,825 die from alcohol-related injuries, including motor vehicle crashes.

How to make sure their kids are safe is a major concern of parents of College Students and Young Adults. Since such a large percentage of the deaths of 18-24 year olds is attributed to drinking and driving, it makes sense to convince them to do their partying and drinking at home. Although calling cards to phone home and an emergency stash of cash are nice parting gestures, parents of college students may want to consider doling out a straight talk on the dangers of drinking and driving. Also, creating an environment at their apartments that is conducive to entertaining with Bar Furniture they like could help to encourage them to “Keep It Home”.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), an estimated 88 percent of college students have used alcohol. Of those, 67.5 percent report having done so in the past 30 days. The added pressures of University academia and the depression that often sets in as the autumn days grow shorter only compound this situation, and some students turn to the partying and drinking to deal with the stress and melancholy.

Provided they are of legal age and do so responsibly, indulging in an occasional night of drinking doesn’t pose any real threats. Studies indicate, however, that most college-aged drinking is not undertaken responsibly. The NIAAA reveals that every year, 3,360,000 students between the ages of 18 and 24 drive under the influence of alcohol. Of that group 599,000 are unintentionally injured under the influence of alcohol, and 1,825 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor vehicle crashes. And that casualty count doesn’t include the number of innocent victims who die as a result of a run-in with a college-aged drunk driver.

In light of the Institute’s statistics, it’s clear that campus drinking is a pastime that’s here to stay. And while there may be a limit to what concerned parents can do to stop it, they can encourage their young sons and daughters to do so conscientiously. That means encouraging young adults to stay off the road if they’re going to indulge in a night of hard partying.

One way to achieve that aim is to make staying in more fun than going out, and a dorm room or common area furnished with Cool Bar Furniture may be the incentive college students need to park themselves at home for the night. Metal Bar Stools can give college students the modern look and feel they crave, while Wood Bar Stools help evoke a cozy ambiance and invite conversation and fun.

Of course, getting up the next morning is a whole other challenge, so parents should urge their kids to lay off the booze on weeknights. For hung-over weekend mornings, an inexpensive Contemporary Bedroom Set can provide a place for unexpected guests to spend the night rather than drive home. It can also ensure the alertness students need to excel in the classroom and to drive safely on the days they wake up sober.

To learn more about how to encourage college students not to mix drinking with driving, contact Home and Bedroom’s Ben Weissman at bweissman(at)home-and-bedroom(dot)com. To see the company’s full line of Hillsdale Bar Stools, Pastel Bar Stools, Contemporary Bedroom sets and Simmons Beautyrest Classic Mattresses, visit Home and Bedroom Furniture online at, and use savings code “keepithome“ to enjoy an extra 10 percent off through the end of January.


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