Bargain Network Presents Useful Ideas to Clean and Organize the Garage

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Bargain Network members can find incredible deals on foreclosures and bargain homes across the country.

Bargain Network Members Can Find Incredible Deals on Foreclosures and Bargain Homes Across the Country

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

Although the garage is the place where the car and all things car-related should be, in many cases it turns into a multi-purpose space. The garage then becomes a room for storage, and anything from cleaning products to old toys end up cramped in each corner. Bargain Network, a home buying and listing service that helps members find the houses and condominiums they want at bargain prices, reports that on more than one occasion, the garage ends up collecting the most junk and dirt in the house.

There's nothing wrong with using the garage for multiple purposes, but the tricky part is to keep everything organized and classified into sections, so everyone in the house knows where to find things. Disorganization also leads to dirt accumulation, so it's a good idea to keep the garage in good shape, with shelves and space for storage.

Prepare for the challenge and enjoy the sense of accomplishment after the task is completed. To make the process less painful, use the practical ideas given here by Bargain Network:

-- Tackle the project. Prepare for a day of thorough cleaning, or create a plan to do it in stages.

-- Make it fun. Pick a day with good weather, and involve the kids or close friends in the cleaning process. Take all the stuff into the driveway or the backyard, play some music, and buy some sandwiches for those who help.

-- Sort it all out. Just like it's done on TV shows, sorting everything into categories can help determine what has to stay and what has to go.

-- Sell or donate. There will be many items in good shape that the family simply doesn't use or want anymore. These things could be sold at garage sales or, better yet, donated to charities or organizations that will give them to people who really need them. To coin a phrase, "One person's trash is another person's treasure."

-- Identify hazards. Be careful when sorting out hazardous waste stored in the garage, such as paint, motor oil, brake or transmission fluids, car batteries and gasoline. Make sure to keep children away from them, and dispose of those items appropriately.

-- Clean top to bottom. Once everything is out of the garage, sweep the floor, wash the walls, and remove stains, spider webs, and dirt. Use sand or cat litter to get rid of stubborn oil stains. If the space is in really bad shape, get a workshop vacuum, and tackle the cleaning from ceiling to floor.

-- Store properly. Decide on the best way to store what's left after the cleaning process. Home centers have plenty of storage solutions. Chemicals and poisonous products can be stored away on high cabinets, while racks and shelves keep gardening equipment off the floor.

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