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More and more businesses are getting into “Bartering,” a radical new way to start up their business with minimal costs. Bartering isn’t just good for the bottom line, it cuts down on carbon emissions by reducing manufacturing needs. B2BeTrader is the leading the way in online Bartering by giving businesses the tools they need to list their equipment quickly and efficiently.


"The Pipeline To Your Business Needs"

"We’re hearing from all kinds of companies who are thanking us for the savings they’re getting,” said Jovan Haye the co-founder of B2BeTrader

It’s a year of transition for a number of different businesses. The economy still hasn’t climbed out of recession, and many businesses are looking for an easy way to bootstrap their way to success. That’s why there’s been such a huge increase in a new phenomenon known as “Bartering.” It’s the same old trade that’s been going on for years, but new businesses such as B2BeTrader are making it easier than ever for companies to sell their used equipment, like restaurant equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, heavy equipment or farm equipment.

Why is Bartering so green? It’s simple. When businesses exchange their used equipment for other equipment, money, or trade credits, they put less carbon into the air. That’s because it costs a lot more energy to manufacture equipment than it does to simply find a new home for equipment that already exists. Some businesses are taking advantage of the marketing play they get from dealing green. They’re happy to let everyone know that they’re doing their part to cut down on greenhouse emissions (and their costs too!).

What’s the advantage of using a Bartering site like B2BeTrader? Here are a just a few:

  •     It’s the largest online market for used equipment. Size isn’t everything, but it’s pretty important when looking for used equipment. Because B2BeTrader is so large, it’s very easy for businesses to find what they are looking for. It’s even easier when they have access to the B2BeTrader mobile app. The app allows them to post their used equipment online in less than a few minutes.
  •     B2BeTrader has a no risk guarantee. It doesn’t cost anything for businesses to put up a listing, and there’s no risk. All transactions are monitored to make sure they comply with the proper rules and regulations. Scammers are dealt with in a very efficient manner.
  •     B2BeTrader lists equipment for all industries. Unlike other classified sites that are limited to one industry, B2BeTrader has used equipment from all of them. Businesses owners can browse through used medical equipment, restaurant equipment, office equipment, farm equipment, and heavy equipment.

The advantage of using B2BeTrader isn’t just that it’s a green alternative. When businesses compete with another to sell their used equipment online, everyone benefits from the savings in cost. “We’re hearing from all kinds of companies who are thanking us for the savings they’re getting,” said Jovan Haye the co-founder of B2BeTrader. “They’re excited to get green deals that propel their business into the future.”

Bartering is unlikely to go away in the coming years. Many economists predict it will take at least a few more years for the economy to get back on track to where it was before the great recession. For the time being, businesses are trying to find new ways to grow without increasing their costs or risk. B2BeTrader is one of them. When it’s so easy to get access to used medical equipment, office equipment, farm equipment, and heavy equipment, Bartering just makes sense.

If interested in buying or selling your used retail equipment, restaurant equipment, office equipment, medical equipment, farm equipment, or supplies and services, please visit B2BeTrader at click here to post free ads.

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