Introducing The Insider Bat, Baseball/Softball Training Tool

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Introducing The Insider Bat, Baseball/Softball Training Tool. Endorsed by Minnesota Twin Hall of Famer Gary Gaetti, Rightview Pro Founder Don Slaught, Legendary Hitting Coach Charley Lau Jr along with many other of games finest coaches, players and trainers. Please visit for more information!

I teach hitting from beginners all the way to professional athletes. The Insider Bat works with all ages and skill levels. Besides the regular baseball bat, the Insider Bat is the only hitting tool I use in our instruction here at Pro Way Baseball Academy. I fully recommend the use of the Insider Bat for developmental training and reinforcement of the total swing.

The insider bat™ is a revolutionary baseball/softball muscle memory training tool that promotes proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path before, during and after contact is made. The unique design allows for only one way to make contact with the ball……the correct way.

The insider bat™ is manufactured with aircraft 6061 grade aluminum and stainless steel. The shaft and "sweet spot" are powder coat painted, finished with a high gloss clear coat. The handle is high quality injection molded polypro copolymer with a comfortable polyolefin coating.

"Muscle memory" is a term used to describe a learned movement, pattern or habit. By performing the same movement pattern repeatedly, more effective nerve/muscle connections are made. These connections that are made repeat more effectively each time used. After developing muscle memory, the new action is automatic and will be performed without conscious thought. (i.e. walking)

If used properly the insider bat™ will assist in creating positive muscle memory for a fundamentally correct swing. In addition the insider bat™ will:

Emphasize palm up/palm down hand positioning before, during and after contact with the ball

Instant feedback for batter and coach

Trains hitter not to roll wrists or sweep (cast) before or during contact with ball

Promotes proper grip of bat

Emphasizes "staying inside the ball" before and during contact

Promotes proper hip rotation during swing

Can be used anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors

Forces hands in front of bat head during swing

Promotes tucking of back elbow into "slot"

Great for Pre-game drills or "On deck" reinforcement tool

Excellent when used as one arm drills

Designed for the beginner as well as seasoned pro
A hitter, regardless of age or ability level, does not necessarily need to know the complicated "Physics" of a swing. He or she does not need to know why their hands should be palm up / palm down at contact, why they should not cast (sweep) the bat, etc. They simply need to swing the bat correctly.

That is why the insider bat™ was developed.

Endorsed by some of the Game's Greatest Players, Coaches and Trainers!

"The innovative design of the Insider Bat and its simplicity of use, makes this device one of my favorite and useful tools for teaching hitters the proper set up, grip and swing path. The Insider Bat is fun to use, gives immediate feedback and is challenging all at the same time. I recommend the Insider Bat to all my clients - not just for use at the batting cage, but also at home and on the road. Its light weight and size make it ideal for taking swings anytime, anywhere, even in a hotel room. I wish I would have had an Insider Bat during my playing days for those many times I needed to practice but was limited by space and time. Try the Insider Bat today, I'm sure you will like it!"
Gary Gaetti
(The G-Man)
19 Year Major League Career
Former Houston Astros Hitting Coach
2507 Games Played
360 Career Home Runs (Tied with Joe Dimaggio)
2280 Career Hits
1341 Career RBI

"I highly recommend the insider bat. Very rarely do you come across a training aide that is easy to use and takes so little instruction. Immediately when the hitter picks up the insider bat his mind starts calculating the necessary swing path to hit the ball squarely."
Don Slaught
President and Founder/Rightview Pro
16 Yr MLB Career
Former Detroit Tiger Hitting Coach

"The Insider Bat is a truly innovative hitting aid that identifies and eliminates the most common flaws in any hitter's swing, from little leaguers to professionals.

"I immediately identified how the Insider Bat directly translates the Lau hitting philosophy to the student with little coaching. In my opinion there is not a more simple and complete hitting aid in respect to proper hand path/position than the Insider Bat."
Charley Lau Jr.
Charley Lau's School of Hitting
Author of the Highly Acclaimed Book Lau's Laws of Hitting

"I am the Head Baseball Coach at Barbe High School in Lake Charles, LA for the past 23 years. My coaching staff was introduced to the Insider Bat by a coach from a visiting team during a rain delay at our tournament. We were talking about drills to teach kids to stay inside the ball and he said hey I have the perfect thing for you. Everyday during drill work, we use the Insider Bat and it has helped raise our kids understanding of how important it is to stay inside the ball. What I like so much about the Insider Bat is that you get immediate feedback. If you roll over, you miss the ball or pound it in the ground. If you dip you either miss the ball or pop it up. You must get in and stay in the correct hitting position in order to get the correct results. I would recommend the Insider Bat to everyone!"
Glenn Cecchini
Head Baseball Coach
Barbe High School
Lake Charles, LA

  • H.S. Baseball Coaches Assoc. National Coach of the Yr: 00, '01,'06
  • American Baseball Coaches Assoc Dist #8 Nat'l Coach of Yr: '00
  • La. Baseball Coaches Assoc. 5A Coach of the Yr: '98, '00-'06
  • 5A State Coach of the Yr (voted by Sportswriters): '98, '01
  • Dist. 3-5A Coach of the Yr: '92, '93, '95 - '08
  • Southwest La. Coach of the Year: '97 - '00
  • Ranked one of the Top 10 Baseball Programs of the Decade by Baseball America
  • Co-Author of "101 Championship Drills"

"I highly recommend the Insider Bat. This new, innovative product gives your hitters instant feedback and a "feel" for the correct path of the bat head and the proper set of the hands. Our players have used the Insider Bat and they too, are excited about the results."
Dale Westmoreland
Head Baseball Coach Magnolia High School
2009 Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association
Hall of Fame Inductee
600 + career wins

"I strongly recommend the Insider Bat training tool. I found that, while using the Insider Bat, my lessons and select teams are better able to see the and understand the significance of getting the bat level in proper position to maximize bat/barrel contact."
Coach Jay Bergman
Former Head Coach - University of Central Florida (26 years)
Career Division I Collegiate Record : 1210 - 707 - 3
15 Time 40 win seasons

"I teach hitting from beginners all the way to professional athletes. The Insider Bat works with all ages and skill levels. Besides the regular baseball bat, the Insider Bat is the only hitting tool I use in our instruction here at Pro Way Baseball Academy. I fully recommend the use of the Insider Bat for developmental training and reinforcement of the total swing."
Coach Sid Holland
Pro Way Baseball Academy
Houston, TX

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