Personal Bed Bug Monitors - Bug Dome: an Affordable Home and Travel Bed Bug Monitor is Now Available

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Stern Environmental Group is the first firm in the United States to sell the affordable Bug Dome personal bed bug monitor allowing home owners and travelers to monitor rooms for bed bugs for early intervention and treatment.

Early detection of bed bugs is important. If we can treat them early, bed bugs are typically found just around the bed area. Treatment is then less expensive and less invasive for the home owner.

Bed bugs - this age old scourge has returned with a vengeance as these small blood sucking insects have proliferated across the country. With the rapid spread of bed bugs this past year to all 50 states, in April 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared bed bugs an epidemic. Additionally, pest management companies have reported a 71% increase in bed bug complaints since 2001, according to a survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). There has never been a greater need for home owners to monitor for an early infestation of bed bugs introduced into their homes from house guests, hotel stays, airline travel, cruise ship vacations, and even from kids returning from college. Enter the Bug Dome, the first affordable home product that monitors for bed bugs and acts as an early warning system to help home owners know if they have bed bugs before they reproduce to an infestation level.

Stern Environmental Group based in New Jersey is the first firm in the United States to carry the Bug Dome, an innovative product from Silvandersson based in Sweden, made under the name of Silvatronic. This unique affordable residential-grade product uses a small heating element found underneath a sticky trap that attracts and monitors for bed bugs. With a selling price of about $99.99 with free shipping and refill traps available this unique product, Bug Dome allows home owners and travelers the ability to easily monitor for bed bugs at home or in a hotel room. The unit is available for purchase now on the Stern Environmental website with factory shipping starting this month to the United States.

The Bug Dome is a fairly small electric unit with a low profile. It easily fits into a suitcase or underneath a bed and is about the size of a coffee cup saucer. Plug the unit into any wall socket and if bed bugs are present they will be attracted to the low level heat generated by the unit and climb into the sticky trap to be held for inspection. With previous bed bug monitors costing from $650 to $1,000, routine bed bug monitoring equipment was well beyond the reach of home owners. Bug Dome changes all that with an inexpensive unit that acts as an "early warning system" for bed bugs.

Douglas Stern, Managing Partner of Stern Environmental Group says "Early detection of bed bugs is important. If we can treat them early, bed bugs are typically found just around the bed area. Treatment is then less expensive and less invasive for the home owner." Stern believes that Bug Dome will be a boon for consumers; allowing monitoring of hotel rooms while on travel, inspection of any pests trapped in the sticky trap, and consistent home monitoring done anywhere and at any time. "Bug Dome may even have application for apartment buildings, hotels, and co-ops, but I see it as a 'personal bed bug monitor' that can travel with you where ever you go. All you need is a plug and you can know if you are bed bug-free in the morning," says Stern. "You can have the peace of mind when you travel that once you pack up to go home, that you are not bringing bed bugs home with you," additionally says Douglas Stern, bed bug extermination expert.

For more information on Bug Dome, bed bug monitors, bed bugs, and new extermination and control options contact Douglas Stern for media interviews and for residential and hospitality bed bug prevention and extermination services in New York City, the New York City metro area, and New Jersey. Stern Environmental Group is a top expert in bed bug eradication and a product resource for bed bug monitors.

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