Bed bug Defender Is Deemed The Most Effective Bed Bug Monitoring Device After Independent Evaluation by The Allergy Guy

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After testing multiple bed bug monitoring devices, the bed bug Defender beet out the competition by trapping more bedbugs in a 24 hour period.

Bedbug Defender Capture Results

Therefore, based on the catch rates and the statistical analysis, the Defender appears to be the most effective of the three bed bug monitors.

Canada’s leader in asthma, allergy and bed bug relief products, The Allergy Guy has conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of multiple bed bug monitoring devices against adult and nymph stage bed bugs (Cimex lectularius). After a 24-hour test, the Defender was clearly more effective at trapping bed bugs than two competing products.

Materials and Methods:

The following is the Standardized Testing Method for determining or improving the effectiveness of bed bug devices when evaluated against bed bugs. Further details related to this specific study are described following the test method summary. Select action items and illustrations have been removed from this standardized test method in an effort to make the report more precise and accurate to the study conducted. Any details removed from this test method were deemed irrelevant to the study conducted in this report.

o    22" L x 20" W x 10" H gray tubs with butcher paper lined floors were used as the test arenas.
o    The traps were placed in the center of each test arena (1 trap per arena).
o    24 susceptible strain bed bugs were sorted and acclimated on 1"x1" pieces of corrugated cardboard for 1 hour for each replicate.
o    The acclimated bed bugs were then placed inside the grey tubs by releasing 2 adults, 2 mid-stage nymphs, and 2 2nd instar nymphs in each corner of the tubs.
o    Each replicate was conducted for 24 hours and the number of bed bugs caught per trap was recorded at 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, and 24 hours.

Additional Testing Details Not Fully Described in Standard Protocols:
Test System Vigor:
All test specimens were confirmed ‘alive’ 2 times prior to testing:
1)    Only live specimens were removed from the colonies for use in the study.
2)    After all specimens were transferred to the test arenas; they were confirmed to be alive before continuing with the study.

Environmental Conditions:
Conditions in Laboratory:        Temperature: 72F         Humidity: 41%

Results / Discussion:
The results of this study are tabulated in the included table, which shows the total number of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) that were caught in the monitors at each observation interval during the 24-hour evaluations. The Bed Bug Defender caught the highest number of bed bugs during the study. It was the only monitor that caught anything within 1 hour after the start of the study, and it caught a total of 7 bed bugs (1 adult, 1 mid stage instar, 5 2nd instars) by the 24 hour observations, compared to only 3 (1 adult and 2 2nd instars) with Product X, and 0 with Product Y.

The catch rates of each monitor were also statistically compared using a t tests for independent samples. The analysis was conducted using a two-tailed distribution and probability value of p<0.05 to establish any statistical differences between the number of bed bugs caught in each monitor. The only statistical differences that were recorded during the study occurred at the 4 and 24-hour observations, with the Defender outperforming Product Y. Therefore, based on the catch rates and the statistical analysis, the Defender appears to be the most effective of the three bed bug monitors.
*This work was conducted under sound scientific principles but does not comply with GLP standards under 40 CFR parts 160 and 792 and was never intended for that purpose.

About The Allergy Guy:
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