For National Sleep Awareness Week, The Secret to a Great Night's Sleep from Great Little Books, LLC

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Author Barbara Worton, in Bedtime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter, suggests "Write three pages and sleep until morning."

These stories are something else--gossamer, appealing. And insistent. They jab away at your resistance.

March 3-March 9, 2008 is National Sleep Awareness Week, and Barbara Worton, author of BEDTIME STORIES: THE SHORT, LONG AND TALL TALES OF A SLEEPWRITER, a one-time insomniac, marks the week by offering up her secret to a great night's sleep. She calls her secret to getting to sleep sleepwriting, and for insomniacs, it just might be a dream come true.

At bedtime, Worton picks up a pad and pen, and writes down the first words and ideas that pop into her head. She keeps writing for three pages to get down the story her relaxing mind wants to tell and to ease into a deep restorative sleep. BEDTIME STORIES: THE SHORT, LONG AND TALL TALES OF A SLEEPWRITER is a collection of tales pulled from the stacks of sleepwriting journals Worton has penned over the years. This book is also a how-to, with sleepwriting instructions for readers.

"Insomniacs are everywhere and readers of BEDTIME STORIES will enjoy the lightness and whimsy (not typical of 'I can't sleep, what the hell am I going to do' books) as a break from the rigors of getting your room pitch black, counting backwards, and so forth." Ilene Segalove co-author of best selling List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-discovery

Definitely for grownups, the tales--in all kinds of forms: stories, poems, haikus--give readers a range of emotional permission. In her soulful and delightful book, Worton calls on us to see ordinary things, people and places in refreshing new ways, to feel okay about whatever it is we're feeling and to breathe bigger than we've ever imagined. And when we turn the last page, we are left relaxed, soothed, with a smile in our minds and hearts--and even if we haven't sleepwritten our own stories, ready for a great and healing night's sleep.

Literary pundits call BEDTIME STORIES (Great Little Books, LLC) fast fiction, flash fiction, short, short fiction or even postcard fiction. Genre labels don't seem to matter for Worton's readers.

"I enjoyed every delicious page of Barbara Worton's book, BEDTIME STORIES, but also found it deeply disturbing, since she writes better half-asleep than I do fully awake."
--Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and activist

Clinical psychologist Noelle Hannon attests to the stories restorative properties. "Barbara Worton opens the door to her creative unconscious
mind and invites us to enter the magical world of metaphor. Consequently, the reader is seduced into a state of joyful relaxation."

"These stories are something else--gossamer, appealing. And insistent. They jab away at your resistance." --Jesse Kornbluth, editor,

In BEDTIME STORIES Worton serves up tales of love, nostalgia, sex, wishes, growing up and the absurd; and tales you'll never forget. In "My Dinner With Barbara," she invites the reader to find the mystery in a bowl of soup. In "Red, White and Boo-Hoo," Barbara frets over what's happened to our country. She suggests a pain-free alternative to dieting in "Waterworks," and in "Orlando," she ponders the wisdom of impulsively taking off in new directions.

"Full of personality and written with an awe inspiring clarity of spirit, this is one of those rare books that is meant to be savored slowly and often." RJ McGill, 3Rs Reading Den

BEDTIME STORIES is book #1 in the launch of a BEDTIME STORIES series. The next will be a collection of sleepwriting stories written by her readers. Barbara Worton has been published in national literary, consumer and business publications. Her story, "London Calling" is featured in MEMORIES OF JOHN LENNON. Great Little Books, LLC is a member of CLMP: The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

By Barbara Worton
Published by Great Little Books, LLC
Dist. to the trade by Midpoint Trade Books, Inc.
$14.95 (128 pages) 5 x 8. Hardcover. ISBN: 978-0-9790661-0-8

For further information, CONTACT: Barbara Worton, 201-652-2943.

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