Belly Armor: New Radiation Shielding Apparel For Pregnant Women

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Clothing and blankets that shield radiation address rising concerns over health risks for pregnant women

Belly Armor protects pregnant women against everyday radiation

The heightened risk during pregnancy from radiation is becoming increasingly apparent and most mothers are just not willing to take that risk.

Belly Armor by RadiaShield recently launched a new line of maternity clothing and accessories to shield pregnant women against radiation from cell phones and laptops. Utilizing a new patent-pending consumer technology, Belly Armor products neutralize incoming radiation in a way similar to noise-canceling headphones neutralizing sound waves.

“The heightened risk during pregnancy from radiation is becoming increasingly apparent and most mothers are just not willing to take that risk. Belly Armor is providing highly effective solutions so that pregnant women can protect their child during this critical phase of development,” said Aileen Chen, Belly Armor CEO.

Dr. Brenda Smith, VP of Development explains, “Belly Armor has updated an old industrial radiation shielding technology for use with consumer goods. Belly Armor utilizes a silver-based textile with attributes similar to other consumer textiles – soft, breathable, lightweight, and machine washable.”

For over 25 years, there have been reports about the potential health risks during pregnancy from microwaves and powerlines. However, exposure to electromagnetic radiation has grown exponentially in the past 10 years with the advent of cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, and other electronic devices. It is only recently that the long-term effects have begun to be studied and the findings have sparked a resurgence of media and political attention. Some experts have even drawn parallels to the tobacco industry during the 1950s, when research was first becoming available on the long-term health impacts of cigarettes.

Potential pregnancy health risks that have been cited include birth defects, miscarriage, autism, and cancer. In September 2009, the US Senate held hearings on the long-term health impacts from cell phone radiation, where Dr. Olga Naidenko, a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group, concluded, “The FCC set cell phone radiation standards 17 years ago when few people used cell phones. These standards fail to provide an adequate margin of safety for cell phone radiation exposure and do not account for risks to children.”

Several states have since taken this a step further by introducing legislation on cell phone radiation. Including Maine State Representative, Andrea Boland, who introduced a bill in March requiring warning labels on cell phone packaging, similar to those on cigarettes, stating, “This device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer.”

About Belly Armor by RadiaShield
Belly Armor by RadiaShield is the definitive resource for information and tools to protect your child against the risks of everyday radiation. Made with RadiaShield® fabric and the highest quality textiles, Belly Armor products provide stylish comfort, convenient safety, and reliable protection. Belly Armor products are available online at and through select boutique retailers across the country.


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