A Plus Warehouse Announces They Now Sell Berg Company Berms

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Berms are required use items for industry. The function of a berm is to minimize hazardous liquids spills. A Plus Warehouse is proud to now offer the full line of quality American Made Berg Berms.

A Plus Warehouse now sells the entire line of berms by Berg. A Plus Warehouse has been selling safety equipment and spill control items such as absorbents and pads since 1996, and is now offering a more complete product offering. Environmental safety is everyone’s business, and A Plus Warehouse is doing their part by facilitating the sale of more quality Berg Berms.

Those that use berms know what they are and what they do. In case some users call them other names, some explanation would prove helpful. Some spills are measured in ounces. These spills typically happen at lab desks, and absorbents typically are used to mitigate these spills. Some spills happen on the water – these are contained by booms to control the spread before the fluids can be reclaimed. The final type of spill comes from heavy equipment such as earth moving equipment, and mostly, fuel and chemical trucks. If there is an issue with hooking up or detaching a chemical truck, the spill involved could be measured in thousands of gallons. A berm is a spill catcher that trucks drive right over. When a spill happens, the berm captures all the fluid and there is no harm to the environment, or the user’s checkbook.

According to Ed Stairman, “A Berm Pays For Itself! Imagine the cost of a 500 gallon spill!” This is a very true statement. The cost of one single spill can greatly exceed the cost of a berm. The costs of a spill far exceed the initial cost of mitigation. One must think that the EPA looks more closely at companies that have polluted. The first berm to consider is the ever popular ‘Throw N Go’ berm. The ‘Throw N Go’ is so named because one throws the berm in it’s place then leaves. The user throws the item down then goes away. This berm has walls that deploy when the spill starts. No work needs to be done when a spill happens, the berm just needs to be in position.

The drive through berm is great because it has solid sides and no lip on the front and back. Trucks can easily drive onto the berm, have their tanks loaded or unloaded, then drive right off. In case of a spill , the spilled fluid would cause the front and back to be deployed, resulting in no environmental contamination. The final type to mention is the foam berm. With a foam berm, the truck drives right over a foam log, and the shape of the log is not affected at all! Foam berm as great, but have less capacity than similar sized drive through berms since the drive through has higher sides.

A Plus Warehouse is available to help with any spill containment equipment needs.

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