BEST Life Media Releases New 'DahnMuDo' DVD, A Unique Tai Chi-Like Martial Art for Overall Wellness

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BEST Life Media released 'DahnMuDo: The Art of Self-Mastery with Owoon' today. This three-DVD set allows young and old to learn the energy-based, non-combative, healing martial art of DahnMuDo from the comfort of their home. Thousands of students have already used DahnMuDo to strengthen and align their bodies, clear and focus their minds, and release their limitless potential.

DahnMuDo is a powerful, yet gentle practice that includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy (ki/chi/qi), and the development of the ability to use it

'DahnMuDo: The Art of Self-Mastery with Owoon' was released by Sedona, Arizona publisher BEST Life Media today. This three-DVD set contains the basic forms of DahnMuDo, a Korean martial art that, like tai chi and qigong, is non-combative and focuses on developing the healthy flow of ki (chi, qi) energy in the body. DahnMuDo is based on the principles of a 5,000-year old mind-body-spirit healing practice called Shin Sun Do, as taught by Grand Master Ilchi Lee.

Known as the "art of being limitless," DahnMuDo is a dynamic balance between powerful movement, exquisite grace, and inner stillness. The Dahn in DahnMuDo refers to the pure energy that Asian medical philosophy says enlivens the body and integrates mind and body into one. Mu means 'martial' and 'limitless'. Do is Tao, or the Way of ultimate truth and reality. Therefore, DahnMuDo is defined as a training system that enables people to develop their energy so that they can use the limitlessness power within themselves to achieve integration of mind, body, and spirit.

In this DVD set, DahnMuDo founder Master Owoon guides viewers through six basic forms in detail, including one beginner's sword form. He demonstrates each form and instructs viewers on how to move body, mind and energy. People of normal mobility from ages eight to eighty-eight will be able to follow along easily and practice this unique martial art form.

The new DahnMuDo DVD set includes six basic forms on three DVDs:

DVD 1: Flow & Circulation--(90 minutes)
Geun-Gol-Jo-Jeong-Gong, an 18-joint musculoskeletal adjustment warm-up form designed to develop balance, alignment and steadiness in the joints, major muscles and bones.

Un-Ki-Bo-Hyeong-Gong, an energy-accumulation and circulation form designed to develop internal strength and facilitate energy flow throughout the lower back, hip joints, knees and ankles.

DVD 2: Power & Accumulation--(95 minutes)
Geom-Bo-Hyeong, a combination of footwork and basic techniques in the use of the sword designed to accumulate ki energy and cultivate unification of body and mind.

Dahn-Gong-12-Jin-Kyeong, a series of 12 exercises designed to increase the range of movement in the joints and open energy pathways in the body, building external energy.

DVD 3: Strength & Centering--(57 minutes)
Hang-Shim-8-Cho-Sik, a series of eight sets of movements fundamental to martial arts which must be trained constantly, and with a humble heart, to grow and develop inner power.

Haeng-Gong, a series of nine deep breathing techniques designed to center the mind and develop the strength and endurance needed to maintain a correct posture for sitting meditation.

"DahnMuDo is a powerful, yet gentle practice that includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy (ki/chi/qi), and the development of the ability to use it," said Aaron Daniels, master trainer and practitioner of DahnMuDo. "With enhanced ability to perceive and use energy, we gain a sense of how to heal ourselves physically and energetically."

Students of DahnMuDo report that this martial art form restores the alignment of bones and muscles, strengthens the lower body, relaxes the upper body, creates a strong sense of energy flow, establishes a breathing pattern for optimal physical and mental strength, and provides the means to transcend all limitations.

"DahnMuDo answered a longing hidden so deep within that I was completely unaware of it," said Sandra Scheer, a DahnMuDo practitioner in Sedona, Arizona. "The movement opens my spirit, my body flows willingly and while my mind struggles with changes that happen instantaneously, I am continually stimulated by 'ah-ha' moments." Since beginning the practice, Scheer reports that her skeleton has realigned itself and her hips now move in ways she never dreamed possible.

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The 'DahnMuDo: The Art of Self-Mastery with Owoon' three DVD set (ISBN 978-1-935127-30-7) is now available for purchase online from BEST Life Media for $59.95. Trade orders can be purchased through SCB Distributors beginning November 1st or by calling (800) 729-6423.

About Owoon:
Owoon is the vice president of the World DahnMuDo Association. As a master trainer of DahnMuDo, he has shared the power and wisdom of this energy-based healing martial art for over 10 years. He developed the DahnMuDo curriculum and was a martial arts trainer for many famous actors of Korean TV dramas. Owoon has held a black belt for over 30 years in several martial art forms including Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.

About BEST Life Media:
BEST Life Media produces books, CDs, DVDs and other products that are educational and life enhancing. Brain Education System Training (BEST), which seeks to better the human condition through a variety of self-development techniques, serves as the underlying inspiration for many of their titles. For more information, call (877) 504-1106.

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