Best Tera Online Lancer Guide for Fast Leveling and Efficient Builds Is Now Available - Veliks Tera Online Guide

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Tera Online Lancer guide with Veliks guide is now available to improve the expertise of Lancer enthusiasts. More details are available at

Veliks Guide

Veliks Tera Guide

Tera Online has been officially released on May 1st, 2012. In the final version of the game, many elements and class specifics are not the same as they were in the beta. Most of these changes aimed to fine tune the playable characters to offer a better game balance. The Lancer class remained the same vital character that every dungeon raiding group needs. It is the only class that was designed to soak up high damaging hits making the survivability of the entire party depends on his skills (source: To improve the expertise of Lancer enthusiasts, a team of elitist players released Tera Online Lancer Guide with Veliks Guide.

Mastering the Slayer class is a difficult task mainly due to the role it plays in a group or guild. The survival of the team depends on the skill of the player and mastering them is not an easy task. Veliks Tera Guide, with more information at, lifts some of the weight off the shoulders of the Lancer by offering a complete guide that covers the class from level 1 to 60. However, the guide includes not only a leveling handbook but also end game content walkthroughs, item optimization charts and hints, maps, step-by-step questing instructions and everything else needed to create a pro damage soaking Lancer.

Behind the guide lays a team of elitist gamers with extended experience in the MMO industry. They are the same authors that released the much appraised AEON guide for SWTOR. Just like their previous guide, the Veliks Tera Guide replicates the same pattern in terms of quality and effectiveness. Nothing was left out in their guide and their combined efforts gave the gamers the most complete Tera Guide available at this moment.

The guide itself has been separated into six individual handbooks that cover almost all elements and features of the game. Here is what can be found in the Veliks Tera Online Guide:

1. "Complete Walkthrough" is the first module that covers the entire path to level 60, attempting to make the process enjoyable and shorter.

2. "Detailed Map and NPC Location" is the second module that serves as a handbook listing all the non-playable character in the game and their whereabouts.

3. The Lancer Class Guide is the ultimate resource to help gamers master the characters by learning its abilities, skill tree builds, how to help the team better and how to become a better tank.

4. "Kick-Ass PvP Guide" is the perfect player versus player handbook. It contains valuable information on what skills to use and how to exploit the opponent's weaknesses so that the Lancer can dominate in battlegrounds.

5. "End Game Guide" is the fifth module that covers the elements of the game that become available at level 60 including dungeons, best in slot items, boss encounters and much more.

6. "Items and Stats Guide" includes comprehensive lists and information regarding the items in the game and how to scale them according to the level of the Lancer.

When combined, the six modules of the Veliks Guide become the ultimate Tera Online resource that can turn a mediocre player into an elitist. It is a step-by-step guide that not only teaches the game mechanics but it also helps the players understand them. The Veliks Guide are mandatory for all gamers that strive to improve their skills.

More details are available at

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