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A new Tera Leveling Guide, with more information at, has been released to help players dominate the game. The guide contains comprehensive information for every aspect of the game.

Veliks Guide

Veliks Tera Guide

Tera Online is an action-packed MMORPG that offers a high quality alternative to the giants in the industry. The game is full of features and elements that are present in all successful titles. It is concentrated around a well-written story and features seven different playable character classes. There is an immense quest line, a crafting system, complex combat situations and many other elements that can turn the game into a veritable blockbuster ( However, the complexity of the game developed a demand for third party guides as a means to dominate the expansive content of Tera. To serve this purpose, Veliks Tera Guide has been released, offering a one glove fits all solution for ambitious players.

The guide incorporates a complete walkthrough of the game featuring an lots of quality information structured in a step-by-step manner. It covers all the quests in the game, including the ones that should be skipped, class guides, tested PVE and PVP builds and anything in between to make the road to level 60 as short as possible. Still, the game doesn't end at level 60. The Tera leveling guide includes an end-game guide that will make players own dungeons and have a good knowledge of the mechanics, even if they have never entered that instance before.

Veliks Tera Guide was developed by a team of professional gamers. All the authors have personally played the game from start to finish, summing up their knowledge under a joint effort to create a complete guide. The gamers are part of the same team that developed the award winning AEON guide for SWTOR. Their previous guide is still famous for the quality and effective approach of all the aspects of the game. Veliks Guide follows the same quality and effectiveness pattern.

Inside the package, the players will find six different guides that cover distinct aspects of the game:

  • The Complete Walkthrough contains all the information required to level a character from 1 to 60 as fast as possible.
  • The Detailed Map and NPC Locations guide is a collection of all non-playable characters within the game and their whereabouts. It can show the player where to go by offering detailed maps of areas and dungeons.
  • The Class Guide showcases all the details and game mechanics of the seven playable characters. In includes aspects such as which skills to use, how to associate them and build combos, working with a team and many other tricks that pro players use.
  • The Kick-Ass PvP Guide offers critical information to help players work better as a team in the battlegrounds and dominate their adversaries.
  • The End Game Guide focuses on dominating Tera after reaching the level cap by obtaining the best gears possible.
  • The Items and Stats Guide includes the thousands of items available in the game. The guide offers all the info required about each item including stats.

The guide offers a complete experience covering every single aspect of the game. Written by players, Veliks Tera guide is a must have for every gamer that aspires to become a pro.

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