Best Tera Online Warrior Guide for the Best Builds, Fast Leveling, and More Now Available with Veliks Guide

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Tera Online Warrior guide is now available with Veliks Guide to aid players become experts in the game and play the Warrior like elitist gamers. More details can be found at

Veliks Guide

Veliks Tera Guide

As the Tera Online game went officially live on May 1st, the worldwide community focused their attention on this revolutionary MMORPG. The game offers an immense world shaped by eye-catching graphics and a rich role-playing experience. Out of all the seven playable classes, the Warrior received the most attention from the community as it was referred to as the most fun character in the game. The Warriors in Tera excel at dual weapon-wielding with the aid of agility and speed. It is a difficult class to master just like any other melee character due to the fast-paced combat style. To aid players become experts in the game and play the Warrior like elitist gamers, an unofficial Tera Online Warrior guide has been released with Veliks Guide.

The Warrior class in Tera is different from other RPG titles. It requires extreme agility and reaction speed, mainly due to the fact that melee classes need to move a lot during most encounters. They are fast, agile, have multiple dodging abilities and can use light armor types. The weapons of choice for the Warrior are the swords which can be dual-wielded with great speed and precision. All these elements make the class difficult to master. Also the entire leveling process might become stressful. The Tera Online Warrior Guide takes on the task of gathering all the right information relevant to the class, game mechanics, features, items, questing and much more.

Veliks Guide, with more details at, follows the footsteps of a previous project released by the same team who gave gamers the Aeon SWTOR guide. Composed of professional gamers and most importantly, Tera online fans, the guide was built based on their expertise as players and enthusiasts. The same quality and devotion was invested so that the guide will spare the gamers from countless hours of trial and error to better comprehend game mechanics, features and quests.

Inside Veliks Tera guide, Warrior players will find all they need to kick start their character and turn it into a professional damage-dealing machine. "The Complete Walkthrough" is the most important module of the guide. It holds valuable information regarding what quest should be done, which ones should be skipped and thousands of other tips on how to get to level 60 faster and smarter. To aid Warriors level better, "The Items and Stats" guide offers a complete list of gears including properties and bonuses so that the players can scale their equipment to their level for a smoother progression. Combined with the "Warrior Class Guide", leveling the character and mastering it becomes a fun activity. "The Detailed Map and NPC Locations" acts as an addition to the questing guide, showing where non-playable characters can be found. However, the game doesn't end when players reach the level cap. "The Endgame Guide" serves as a handbook containing all the information regarding high level dungeons, achievements and gear. Last but not least, "The Kick-Ass PvP Guide" will help all Warriors decimate their enemies in the battlegrounds. It contains Warrior specifics and strengths as well as how to deal with other classes and how to dominate them. This entire package offers a one-stop solution for all novice Tera players. It can turn an average player into a pro.

More details can be found at

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