Bible In My Language Celebrates Milestone in Scripture Translation

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Bible In My Language celebrates the translation of the scriptures into over 2,000 languages.

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Bible In My Language

we believe that, for many of our brothers and sisters, it is more comforting and enlightening to read about the love of God and the atonement of Christ in their native language...

For centuries, missionaries and other religious enthusiasts have worked hard to spread the Word of God. One of the major barriers that these individuals have faced is language. Although a large percentage of the world speaks English, Spanish, and other common tongues, an incredibly large number of people speaks languages that have, as of yet, not received their own Biblical translations. Bible In My Language is a company that recognizes the importance of providing individuals with scriptures in a variety of languages, not just the most popular. As such, this company has adopted the mission of sourcing and distributing these holy books in diverse tongues. It is celebrating a major milestone with Wycliffe Bible Translators, which has announced, according to, that there are now 2,075 different translations of the Bible underway.

Wycliffe's Chief Operations Officer Russ Hersman recognizes the importance of this achievement. He comments: "This is really a God thing, because we couldn't do it on our own. These figures represent the work of many other agencies as well as the Church worldwide." Hersman continues: "But when you get right down to it, God wants to see His word available to the peoples of the Earth."

The article notes that this is the first time since the Bible was written that it is being translated into more languages than it is not. The leaders at Bible In My Language are ecstatic about this news, as it means that they will be able to offer even more dialects to their customers. Currently, 300 missionaries serve to locate and distribute Bibles in 325 different languages. These languages span both commonly spoken and rare tongues, ranging from Aboriginal dialects to French and German. Yet all of these languages have something in common: it is not necessarily easy to procure a Bible written in them.

"I believe that it is the responsibility of God's children to help one another in their spiritual journey," asserts Pastor Chuck Heidenreich from Bible In My Language. "Language is a major hurdle when it comes to doing so, as the Bible isn't yet accessible to all of the populations of the world. But we are working hard to remedy this problem, and the achievement that Wycliffe has announced is certainly a sign that we are headed in the right direction."

The owners of Bible In My Language are dedicated to sharing the Word of God, so they have set up international shipping capabilities that allow them to send scriptures virtually anywhere in the world. As such, the company encourages families to send Bibles to loved ones both near and far. Even those reading in the United States will benefit from doing so in their native tongue.

"Spirituality is so personal," Heidenreich remarks, "and we believe that, for many of our brothers and sisters, it is more comforting and enlightening to read about the love of God and the atonement of Christ in their native language. This, in many ways, allows them to feel a closer connection with the text."

Bible In My Language looks forward to continuing to expand its already impressive list of scriptural offerings. The company is highly anticipating the day when all of the languages of the world have their own translation of the Bible.

The leaders of Bible In My Language encourage interested individuals to visit to peruse their current catalogue and learn more about the mission and scope of the organization.


The owners of Bible In My Language are former missionaries and pastors. Bible In My Language is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Through their network of international contacts now procure and distribute scriptures in 325 different languages, most of which are difficult to find in average bookstores and at religious retailers. Founded in 2000, the company focuses on providing Bibles in languages that are uncommon, such as African, Arabic, Aboriginal, and Indian dialects. While the organization has chosen not to concentrate on English and Spanish texts, it does offer scriptures in other common languages, including French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, and German. The goal of the company is to allow God's children to read His word in their native language, which is much more meaningful for many of the fold.

For more information, visit or call (443) 469-7501.

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