Wearing Dark Clothing Makes Cyclists as Invisible as a Ninja

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May is national bike safety month. You should be as visible as the cars around you. Vedante shares 8 tips for bicycle safety.

Vedante POP BANDS on bicyclist

Vedante POP BANDS on bicyclist

A simple change like wearing POP BANDS™ can truly save lives. It's a low-cost way to increase nighttime safety for you and your family.

Bicycling is an age-old pastime as well as an important mode of transportation. Cycling is also a recreational and fitness activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Bicycling enhances your physical health, mental outlook and overall quality of life. About 85 million adults and children ride their bikes every year.

Since bicycles share the road with motorists and other users of the road system, bikers face a number of hazards. In order to ensure your safety as a bicyclist, please review and practice the safety tips outlined below. They might just save your life.

  •     Be visible

Wear white or light colors and super reflective accessories at night. White can be seen at night up to about 200 feet. On the other side of the spectrum, black can be seen at most about 20 feet at night. When riding at dawn, dusk, or night, remember to wear bright reflective clothing in order to make yourself as visible as possible. While most bicycles are equipped with reflectors, they are not sufficient and rely on the lights of other vehicles to work. Always ride with head and tail lights visible from at least 500 feet away.

Vedante recommends, “Wearing reflective accessories from 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise. Wearing reflective accessories is a good defense against being invisible, but you need to be sure that the reflective areas are large enough and give you 360 degree visibility. The little reflective logo on your shirt or shoe is not enough. Reflectivity should be labeled 500-700 CPL (visible up to 1000-1500 feet). If reflectivity is not labeled, it is likely only reflective 50-200 feet. This is not enough distance for a car to see you and stop at normal road speeds. “

  •     Be predictable

Always ride straight and be predictable. Be alert and plan ahead to avoid obstacles. If the road is narrow for a bicycle and a car to travel side by side, the bicyclist should occupy the lane until it is safe to move back to the right. Do not weave from side to side, or suddenly move out into traffic. Always check over your shoulder before changing your lane position. Never weave between parked cars.

  •     Ride with traffic

Always ride on the right side of the road. Do not pass motorists on the right side. If you approach an intersection with a right turning lane and intend to continue straight, do not enter the right turn lane. Ride with the through traffic. When riding with others, ride single file.

  •     Wear a helmet

Cyclists should wear properly fitted bicycle helmets every time they ride. A helmet is the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash. When worn correctly, a bicycle helmet can reduce your chances of head injury in an accident.

  •     Obey the Rules of the Road

Cyclists are considered vehicle operators. They are required to obey the same rules of the road as other vehicle operators, including obeying traffic signs, signals, and lane markings.

  •     Signal all turns and stops

As a vehicle driver you must always signal your intent to turn and stop using the hand signals. Look before you make a lane change or turn. Before you maneuver, look behind for traffic, signal your turn and change lane position when clear to do so. Then, when it is safe, execute your turn and proceed to bike in a predictable manner.

  •     Avoid the Red Light of Death

Vedante asks ~”Did you know drivers have a blind spot at crosswalks\intersections? If you are bicycling at an intersection, near the passenger side, you are quite often in the driver’s blind spot. Awareness of this can keep you safer. If you are on a bicycle you can avoid this possible collision by stopping behind the car, instead of alongside it”

  •     Watch out for cars that are not moving and allow four feet between your bicycle and parked cars in case a door gets opened in your path.

Kantor states, “A simple change like wearing POP BANDS™ can truly save lives. It's a low-cost way to increase nighttime safety for you and your family." Vedante POP BANDS have the highest level of reflectivity for nighttime safety. Made with 3M Scotchlite in a wide range of colors, they are reflective up to 1500 feet - much more colorful and reflective than competitor products. They are offered in size medium ($12.98 a pair) and large ($13.98 a pair) and reflect in a wide array of colors such as while, tangerine, blue, green, yellow and pink.

When accidents occur, both the person behind the wheel and the bicyclist’s life are changed forever. Friends and family members also share the pain. Most of this suffering is preventable, and the first step is awareness. Once you become aware of safety issues, you will start to see how you can be part of the solution.

The next step is to speak up about it – share these 8 tips with friends and family.

About Vedante: CEO Barbara Kantor founded Vedante in 2006. Barbara's inspiration came during an evening walk when she witnessed a pedestrian being struck by a car. The pedestrian, in a cross walk, was unaware of the driver's inability to see her. Deeply impacted by what she saw, Barbara delved into research on safety and visibility and then studied reflective products that were currently on the market. Barbara's research and her 25 year background in fashion design led to her development of Vedante reflective safety products that are attractive and easy to use.

Vedante is a company committed to saving lives by increasing nighttime visibility and decreasing accidents through education, awareness campaigns, and "fashion that reflects well on you."

Vedante has consistently ranked among the top 10 best sellers in the United States at Amazon.com in its respective categories for super-reflective POP BANDS and pet accessories. To locate a local retailer visit http://www.vedante.com.

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