Big Bear Choppers Calls for New Focus on Motorcycle Safety

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The number of motorcycle riders on the road is ever increasing—and companies like Big Bear Choppers say safety should be a priority now more than ever.

This past month was set aside as Motorcycle Safety Month, but that did not stop there from being a large number of motorcycle-related accidents on roads all across the country. A Tennessee reporter made note of the fact that Memorial Day Weekend, coming at the end of May, was an especially hazardous time for bike enthusiasts. As motorcycle safety becomes an increasingly visible issue, however, members of the biking community are calling for an increased focus on highway safety standards. Among those commenting on the issue are the motorcycle enthusiasts who run California’s premier bike distributor, Big Bear Choppers; Big Bear’s Kevin Alsop has responded to the issue with a new statement to the press.

According to Alsop, safety is a bigger concern now than ever before, in no small part due to the increased popularity of motorcycles. “Motorcycle sales and riders have increased in the last three years, because of the cost of gas and because the general state of the economy,” Alsop explains. “That is a good thing for the motorcycle industry, as it puts more bikes on the road, but with more bikes on the road there are also going to be more accidents and injuries.”

Alsop goes on to say that all bike enthusiasts experience their share of spills—but taking the proper safety precautions can go a long way. “I have gone down three times on a motorcycle, and I learned something each time,” the Big Bear Choppers representative says.

In fact, Alsop says that there are many things a motorcyclist can do to increase personal safety—but having the best gear is the first step. “Wear protective gear and full face helmets, ride defensively, and watch out for deer,” he advises. Big Bear stocks a wide array of safety gear along with their large fleet of custom bikes.

Alsop concludes his statement on a personal note. “Riders are vulnerable, and if I could say something to the automobile drivers on the roads, I would ask them to keep an eye out for motorcyclists and give them the same respect they would give any other motorist.” He also has further advice for motorcycle riders. “I would tell riders to ride defensively, never assume the other drivers can see you,” he suggests. “Also, wear brightly colored clothes and cover up. Skin does not look very good after being dragged along the road. I have a missing tattoo to prove it.”

Big Bear Choppers is a company known for both designing and distributing its own line of motorcycles, and Alsop says the company takes safety seriously. While the bikes are made to be stylish and to appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts, they are also made to be reliable, and to offer the maximum amount of stability while out on the road.


Big Bear Choppers has been building custom motorcycles since its founding in 1998. Based in San Bernardino, California, the company is nationally known for both designing and manufacturing its bikes. In addition to a large fleet of unique vehicles, the company also sells a variety of biker gear and other products.

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