Big Game Gear Suggests Affordable Hunting Options for 2013

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Big Game Gear suggests affordable hunts where the outdoor enthusiast can spend quality time with family. With general hunting season coming to a close, what better time to start planning a budget for hunting in 2013.


From generation to generation, the science of preparation, the attention to detail, and the planning process is passed along.

Big Game Gear suggests affordable hunts where outdoors men can spend quality time with their family. With general hunting season coming to a close, it is time to prepare for 2013 hunting. The summer was spent repairing old deer blinds or buying new ones. The process of food plot preparation begins and ensuring all bows, firearms, and equipment is in working order and sighted in. Countless hours have poured over game cameras hoping to see the Trophy Whitetail emerge. The summer months allow die hard hunters the opportunity to gear up for the coming season. From generation to generation, the science of preparation, the attention to detail, and the planning process is passed along.

As one moves into the fall, every hunter knows the feeling of a cool crisp breeze just as the sun comes up. It is the season most outdoor enthusiasts wait and has worked so hard for all year long. The first major cold front, coupled with a double moon, and the beginning of rut, means a high probability of success in the trophy deer world. If anything, one is sure to see a lot of action. "Nothing is more peaceful than the experience of God’s country during this time of year, especially when sons or daughters are sitting at your side to take in the moment," says Big Game Gear co-owner Charles Simpson. And now that hunting season is over, it is time to start preparing for next hunting season.

The ability to pass this sacred moment down to the next generation is priceless. However, most outdoors men and women have a budget to work within. Prices for trophy hunts are a luxury and can cost a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars a year to harvest one animal. Whether it is managing a lease or relying on an outfitter, there are many options to spend a lot of money on. Gone are the days of affordable hunting, or are they? How are future generations going to pass on the tradition if they can’t afford it? How are those individuals that want to have an affordable hunting experience for the first time going to cross that off their bucket list?

Here are four viable and affordable options:

1)    Public Lands Hunting: Most states afford anyone that wants to experience the great outdoors an opportunity to purchase a supplemental permit that allows them to hunt on public lands. These are state owned properties, nationally owned properties, or private land leases that states may have under management for public hunting. Prices range for a standard hunting permit from state to state. In Texas for example, a standard hunting license can cost around $65 for a resident hunter. A supplemental license to hunt public lands is typically an extra $50. So, for just over $100, anyone can enjoy hunting a range of wild game. The downside is that there may be other hunters in the area and the opportunities may be limited.

2)    Military Bases: Many don’t know that some military bases offer public hunting. Although an inexpensive option, there are several downsides to hunting on a military base including:

  •     It is typically a draw or call in system to determine which hunters will hunt where.
  •     Many rules and regulations including registering your firearm, background checks, and the use of different means from bow only, to shotgun with a slug, to rifle depending on the section of the base.
  •     The military comes first. Hunting areas could be blocked off for training exercises.

3)    Meat Hunts: Many outfitters and land owners that fall under a management program are required by the state in which they reside to harvest a number of doe’s so their buck to doe ratio is in line with a healthy population. Spike bucks may also fall under the land owners program to ensure a higher level of genetics is being passed on during the mating season. These types of hunts are typically offered in the $200-$300 range and are, by happenstance, an opportunity for affordable hunting. In many cases, young family members can join in on the experience and also harvest a buck to add to the trophy club. Many outfitters will have lodging available, someone to properly clean and store your harvest, and even provide meals for a nominal fee.

4)    Varmint Hunts: Although many outfitters and land owners charge to shoot coyotes, bobcats, and wild hogs, there are many that are looking for someone to harvest these animals at no cost. Feral hog populations are exploding and are a nuisance to land owners in almost every state across the country costing land owners and states millions of dollars a year. Typically, these animals can be harvested year round which offers more opportunity for the family or first time hunter. A license will need to be purchased for the state in which these animals are hunted, but typically that is all that is required.

Overall, these are all affordable options for individual and family style hunts where one generation can pass on the experience so crucial to future generations.

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