Binary Options Brokers Considered The Best Binary Options Portal by DWHM Trading

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DWHM Trading, a binary options analysis and educational website, released the list with the top three binary options portals.

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DWHM Trading

Binary Options Brokers has been the leading portal in the last three years and traders still see it as the most reliable and balanced source of information.

After months of research and analysis, DWHM Trading has released the list of the top binary options portals. What makes this list so special is the fact that it is the first time when analysts publish rankings of general binary options portals instead of rating the brokers.

Binary Options Brokers topped the list confirming expectations. The oldest portal in the industry has served as the benchmark for broker ratings and reviews in the past three years and traders still consider it the most reliable source of information. This is why nobody seems to be surprised by this choice, just as Robert Hamilton from DWHM Trading points out: "The top spot has been an easy pick for us. As we released the first ranking of this kind in the industry it was an obvious choice to pick the most trusted and influential website in the first place. Binary Options Brokers has been the leading portal in the last three years and traders still see it as the most reliable and balanced source of information. While other portals may publish more educational material or news updates, there is no doubt that Binary Options Brokers is the uncontested leader when it comes to experience and innovation. Almost all major binary options portals have copied their format and topics and used them as a source of inspiration."

The second place in the list was awarded to Binary Options World, an encyclopedia like website that offers a huge amount of information about binary options and is often referred to as the Binary Options Wikipedia. "The main reason for choosing Binary Options World for the second place in our list was the unequaled amount of information people can find on that website," says Robert Hamilton. He adds that "No other portal explains binary trading in such a systematic way, and this is why most new traders find it extremely useful when it comes to understand binaries. On this portal you have all things in one place and you can jump to your topic of interest directly from the table of contents which is situated at the top of the site. The Wikipedia like format is very user friendly and people are already accustomed to it when it comes to finding information about things they're interested in."

Binary Options Europe was awarded the third spot. "This has been a tougher choice," says Mr. Hamilton as there were many portals receiving close scores from the team of analysts. "In the end, Binary options Europe prevailed thanks to its multi-lingual format and the availability in seven languages. This is a very big advantage because it targets a wider audience and more people can benefit from it."

The list released by DWHM Binary Options Trading is a premiere in the binary options industry because all portals focus on rating and ranking binary brokers. "When everyone is doing the same thing, you must do something different in order to stand out from the crowd," says Mr. Hamilton, and this is exactly what the team at DWHM did.

DWHM plans to maintain and update this ranking, hoping it will become a reference in the industry for binary portals. The portals will be re-evaluated every three months and the list will be updated when changes happen. DWHM also considers expanding the list to five portals, but this will come only when the number of high quality portals increases. Robert Hamilton points out that the purpose of this list is to rank only the top of the tops: "If we have thirty major portals that meet our criteria we analyze them and rank the top three. When there will be more than fifty portals to meet our quality standards, we may extend the list to five. Our goal is to present only the top ten percent of what we consider to be high quality established portals in our niche."

Only time will tell if DWHM will become the main rating website for binary options portals in the way has been for broker ratings in the past three years.

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