Binary Options MT4 Indicator Smart Money PRO Released By ITM Financial And Approved For Trading At Binary International

ITM Financial has released their new binary options MT4 indicator, Smart Money PRO, to the binary options trading community. It replaces the volume chart on MT4 trading screens.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 28, 2014

Binary options MT4 Indicator Smart Money PRO has been released for full integration into Metatrader accounts. The Smart Money PRO indicators is an advanced software add-on to the Genesis Elite software trading package. The Smart Money PRO indicator can be installed and replaces the "volume" are of a traders screen. The new indicator is able to interpret volume as bullish or bearish and also figure out when the momentum of either is about to change.

"This binary options indicator is a real game changer for binary traders and forex traders worldwide", says CEO of ITM Financial, Curt Dalton. "We feel that "volume" or just that arbitrary graph or number did not tell the whole story of how the trade was going. What if you knew which way that volume bar was moving, how much momentum there was behind it, and when was it about to change in the other direction?", added Dalton. "We got our whole team of technical advisors and analytics people together to study the feeds and see if we could give the trader a much more intelligent view of the market."

The Genesis Elite binary options trading system combines two powerful trading features for traders worldwide. By using technical analysis, or traditional trading analysis, combined with micro-second live news and feed information adjustments, Genesis Elite is able to capture trading signals that are so advanced that only a few networks in the world could run fast enough to get make it work.

"We are very proud of our infrastructure and the ability to adjust to the binary options trading market as it changes by the instant," added CTO of ITM Financial, Ali Khan. "The new binary MT4 indicator is a perfect complement to our Genesis trading software system in that it gives the forex or binary trader insights into how strong the volume of a trade is and when the momentum could end and flip the trade the other direction." added Khan.

The Smart Money PRO indicator is available to the public now and it is a free add-on to the Genesis Elite binary options software packages. For more information or to get a free copy of Genesis Elite and Smart Money PRO, you can click the following URL.


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