Free Binaural Beats Player -- Tune Your Mind with the brainZapr: The Perfect Desktop Companion to Relieve Stress, Meditate and Sleep

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Binaural Beats moves into the mainstream with the release of the brainZapr Player for the PC. Easily achieve states of Enhanced Creativity, Zen-like Deep Meditation or razor sharp Intense Focus.

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It is time to bring the real benefits of Binaural Beats into the mainstream.

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Harmonic Software Systems Ltd, the business behind, today announces the free Beta release of the brainZapr Binaural Beats Player for the PC.

Utilising powerful brainwave entrainment technologies, the brainZapr Player brings together over thirty presets (we call them zaprs) and forty background loops (such as sounds of rain, surf, birdsong, etc), all wrapped up within a very easy-to-use LCD menu interface.

"Binaural Beats have been languishing in the nether regions of the web for too long. Even though the technology is backed by a wealth of scientific research, there are a lot of cowboys out there, making outlandish claims promising ESP and cancer cures, that have really screwed things up!", explains Ed Liversidge, director of Harmonic Software Systems Ltd.

"I aim to change all this. It is time to bring the real benefits of Binaural Beats into the mainstream. I am offering free software that runs on your desktop PC, that can be used to experience the benefits of Deep Meditation, revitalising Power Sleeps, Enhanced Creativity or Intense Focus."

Headphones are required for it to work, because two different tones are played, one into each ear. Your brain will process these two tones, and produces a third tone - in your head!

"To me, this is immediate proof that something is happening inside your head. Listen to the tone and let it take you on a journey… And of course, the health benefits of sleep and meditation are well known."

"All that I ask is that you give me honest feedback on my website."

Download the free Binaural Beats Player here (Sorry MAC users, PC only at the moment), access our live streams, find our app on Facebook, or download a free ten minute Isochronic Meditation (please register first).

Harmonic Software Systems Ltd supplies software development services for embedded, desktop and mobile systems, and is the business behind the brainZapr. As well as creating a new software development philosophy, they continue to deliver the highest quality software solutions for Linux, Windows, VxWorks, Windows Mobile, Facebook and the Web (soon to be MAC, iPhone, Android ;-). supplies top quality Binaural Beats (for meditation, sleep, focus and learning) as MP3 downloads, Windows Mobile and Windows programs, and even in a free Facebook app. They aim to take Binaural Beats to the mass market, to unlock the infinite possibilities of the human mind, whilst remaining honest and down-to-earth about the benefits of the technology.


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