Birkat Elyon Launches Campaign to Eliminate Consumer Confusion About Cubic Zirconia vs. Manmade Diamonds

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Esteemed cubic zirconia jewelry designer Birkat Elyon works to educate consumers about the difference between CZ and manmade diamonds.

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We take pride in our CZ jewelry and will always position them as such. As advocates of the cubic zirconia industry we truly hope that increasing consumer awareness will help to put an end to these unethical practices.

Birkat Elyon, world renowned cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer, is currently taking strides to educate consumers about the differences between cubic zirconia and manmade diamonds. Due to the questionable business practices of a high-profile CZ manufacturer, which has recently made headlines, the Birkat Elyon team is working diligently to clear up consumer confusion.

With more than 25 years of service in the CZ jewelry industry, Birkat Elyon is considered one of the foremost authorities on high-end cubic zirconia in the world. Using only the highest quality Russian formula to create their cubic zirconia, Birkat Elyon CZ jewelry is beyond compare. Each stone is hand cut and polished with the same precision used to refine diamonds, giving each Birkat Elyon cubic zirconia the magnificence and sparkle of fine gems. This unmatched attention to detail produces cubic zirconia with a purity level of 99.9%. In fact, the superior quality of Birkat Elyon stones makes it difficult, even for gemologists, to identify them as simulated diamonds.

In recent months a noted high-end CZ jewelry dealer has faced accusations of making false claims in regard to the jewelry they sell. It is believed that they were selling cubic zirconia yet positioning it as “manmade diamonds” and/or “synthetic diamonds.” In recent weeks, test results have affirmed that these accusations are in fact valid. The news has been disheartening to those in the CZ jewelry trade and have created confusion among consumers.

How do cubic zirconia and manmade diamonds differ? Also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds; manmade diamonds are composed of pure carbon while cubic zirconia are made of zirconium dioxide. In short, CZ and synthetic diamonds have a different mineral composition. Furthermore, the market price for manmade diamonds is much higher than that of CZ, making it particularly unethical to sell cubic zirconia and position them as synthetic diamonds.

As an advocate of the CZ jewelry trade, Birkat Elyon identified this as an opportunity to clear up the confusion in the market place. The As soon as the story broke the Birkat Elyon team went to work publishing blog content and speaking directly to customers in an effort to explain how CZ and manmade diamonds do in fact differ.

“At Birkat Elyon quality and craftsmanship are of the highest priority,” said Rebecca Daniel, Senior Designer and Sales Director at Birkat Elyon in New York. “We take pride in our CZ jewelry and will always position them as such. As advocates of the cubic zirconia industry we truly hope that increasing consumer awareness will help to put an end to these unethical practices. If you’re currently in the market for manmade diamonds or CZ jewelry we encourage you to work with a reputable manufacturer.”

From blog posts to monthly newsletters, Birkat Elyon is doing their part to raise awareness. Stay tuned in the coming months as the Birkat Elyon team continues to explore new ways to empower and educate consumers about the high-end cubic zirconia jewelry industry. To learn more about Birkat Elyon cz jewelry, visit them online at or call 877.777.8352 to speak to one of their talented jewelers.

About Birkat Elyon:

Birkat Elyon is an online luxury cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer, specializing in 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum designs. Birkat Elyon has more than 20 years of CZ jewelry expertise. Located on Park Avenue in New York City, Birkat Elyon offers free wedding jewelry consultations for the selection of readymade designs, as well as for custom-made jewelry.

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