Birkat Elyon, and Other Leading CZ Jewelry Manufacturers, Prepare for a Record Breaking 2013 as Experts Forecast a Rise in Diamond Prices

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Birkat Elyon, highly acclaimed CZ jewelry manufacturer, is preparing for an influx of orders as industry experts predict a looming rise in diamond prices in the coming year.

cubic zirconia wedding ring sets

The stunning cubic zirconia engagement ring in this set features a 3.0 carat princess-cut center with 158 small round stones pave-set on a split band. The wedding band features 108 brilliant round sto

As our counterparts in the diamond trade prepare for a rise in prices, and a subsequent drop in sales, we are preparing for increased demand for our superior quality cubic zirconia.

Birkat Elyon, celebrated cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer, is preparing for another record breaking year as experts forecast a considerable rise in diamond prices. Birkat Elyon, and fellow cubic zirconia designers, are expecting to see a rise in CZ jewelry sales as consumers look for an affordable diamond alternative.

Established in 1986, Birkat Elyon has been serving a worldwide customer base of discerning jewelry lovers for nearly 27 years. Using only the highest quality Russian formula, Birkat Elyon has established a reputation as the foremost manufacturer of high-end cubic zirconia in the world. Each Birkat Elyon stone is hand cut and polished with the same attention to detail used by master jewelers when refining the world’s finest diamonds; a highly involved method which produces cubic zirconia with a purity level of 99.9%. In fact, the quality and brilliance of Birkat Elyon cubic zirconia makes it difficult for even highly skilled gemologists to identify them as CZ.

The diamond industry is a commodities based trade that has been directly impacted by volatility in the marketplace in recent years. An increase in demand in both China and India has lead to a steady increase in diamond prices. In fact, according to Anglo American Plc, China and India accounted for 20% of the world’s diamond demand in 2012; a number which is expected to rise to 28% by 2016. While demand continues to rise, global diamond production is declining. In 2012 De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining company, reported their lowest production numbers since 2009; a 14% decline from 2011. Together the rise in demand and the drop in production, is leading to predictions of climbing diamond prices in 2013.

In response, CZ jewelry manufacturers are preparing for an increase in demand for simulated diamonds in the coming year. Offering the same brilliance and splendor of fine diamonds, at a fraction of the price, many consumers are choosing to purchase quality CZ jewelry rather than high priced diamonds. As the high-end jewelry industry braces for price hikes, cubic zirconia manufacturers, like Birkat Elyon, are hard at work preparing to cater to a growing demand for CZ jewelry.

“Because we cater to a similar clientele, the cubic zirconia jewelry trade is very closely tied to the diamond industry,” said Rebecca Daniel, Senior Designer and Sales Director at Birkat Elyon in New York. “As our counterparts in the diamond trade prepare for a rise in prices, and a subsequent drop in sales, we are preparing for increased demand for our superior quality cubic zirconia.”

From classic CZ wedding sets to eye catching cocktail rings, the Birkat Elyon collection rivals that of any leading diamond jeweler; at fraction of the price. As consumer confidence remains unsteady, in the wake of recent worldwide financial crises, many are looking for affordable alternatives to luxury items.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to cater to the needs of our customers and to help them select or design a piece of cubic zirconia jewelry that they can comfortably afford; even in today’s tough economy,” added Daniel.

Birkat Elyon is already reporting strong sales numbers for the first few weeks of the year, and expects to see numbers continue to climb throughout 2013. In preparation for the coming year, their team of expert jewelers is working diligently to stay ahead of demand. Watch for more exciting announcements from the Birkat Elyon team as they continue to cater to the evolving needs of the worldwide jewelry market. To learn more about Birkat Elyon cz jewelry, visit them online at or call 877.777.8352 to speak to one of their talented jewelers.

About Birkat Elyon:

Birkat Elyon is an online luxury cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer, specializing in 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum designs. Birkat Elyon has more than 25 years of CZ jewelry expertise. Located on Park Avenue in New York City, Birkat Elyon offers free wedding jewelry consultations for the selection of readymade designs, as well as for custom-made jewelry.

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