Black Online Dating has a new experience; Meet Ethnic Singles on DaHoneyHouse.Com, Getting 2 Thumbs up From The Bishop Don Magic Juan!

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Black online dating like you've never experienced before. Fun, simple, and with more of a Human Element. There are many online dating services with black appeal, and they may claim great status, but Dahoneyhouse.Com has the most enjoyable black online dating experience. Lot's of culture, with a hip hop club feel, is perfect for today's sexy single black women, sexy latin girls, sexy ethnic people, and internet clubbing people in general that love urban or black online dating. Come on logon, & Join in the fun! CD to the site coming soon. & if you can remix the songs on it you'll get paid, so stay tuned for that. We're determined to get those hungry new producers involved.

To embrace art is very important today because corporate America has devalued urban artistic expression so much that it's destroying a part of us.

That zany george-clinton-esque mack in hiphop today, the Bishop Don Magic Juan, endorses a new funky meeting site entitled (

Bishop Don, that one of a kind mack, lets you know what's happenin' on the net today. The site, co-founded by Lork Diesel, a long running asst. manager at Insomniac, is now the head of Vice Grip Entertainment, an independent venture company which operates the social-networking website 'DahoneyHouse.Com'. He talks about the latest commercial with Snoop Dogg's counselor Bishop Don Magic Juan.

"The endorsement with the Bishop Don was just like putting on a fresh pair of gators, it was a perfect fit! Social networking sites are supposed to be fun to be on, and who's more fun to watch than The Bishop Don Magic Juan."

The site deems that young urban males on the internet don't want to go through a bunch of psychological exams just to look at some attractive women that they might be interested in. This new site allows them to get in and browse profiles quicker. From doing research on the female side, DaHoneyHouse states that most urban women just want to have fun, and draw attention to themselves by showing off their latest fashion trends. Afterwards they like getting compliments, and positive comments on their extravagant and sometimes seductive photographs from potential social contacts. Since these are very simple concepts that are currently in the minds of most people on meeting and social networking sites, DaHoneyHouse decided to keep it simple and fun. One bug though Lork Diesel made it imperative to mention, is that once the site was launched, so many haters surfaced. "There were so many bloggers and random internet forums that commented negatively on the site. Bishop Don was the only cool celeb that responded out of many, and was willing to help the company with an endorsment. We were just looking for some comedic overtone, we didn't know we were going to get such a divided response from people. All I want to say is that before you hate on it, give it a try. Some of my best friends have met their wives on there. And other friends of mine have wound up on some really nice dates and get-togethers. Also some folks found the site's ambiance a cool way to promote their talents or businesses through creative video uploads. It's really a fun site; for reals, I think most people like the taste of sweet honey:) lol"

The site is now available for people 18-40 to meet, flirt, or network with a hip-hop social, club atmosphere. People don't have to go through a lot of color-coding, and setting up pages to get to what is desired. Nicknamed the 'D double H', or 'Da House', this site drives easy, which helps pull up profiles fast without page-graphic-freeze-ups. Also if anyone is 'really' interested in a decent relationship, 'Da House' let's you decide whom you're compatible with. The site's staff doesn't believe that a cybernetic psychological exam can bring people together. One look at some quality photos, and a few emails back and forth between two quality people is more than enough for most guys to know if a woman is right for them, or vice-versa. Of course 'Da House' states that they do advocate people getting to know each other first through calls, and emails for at least 3 months before meeting. Also people should use common judgment, and meet in a public area because there are always some bad apples on any website. This is why DaHoneyHouse did its first physical promotions in Oahu, HI, because they believe the people there were open, fun and friendly.

'Da House' will continue to promote in Oahu, and plans to promote more now in black heritage colleges, universities in bigger cities, and to various alumni listings to keep the site more fun and safe. Lork's view is that more educated people on the site leads to more honest, quality folks to mingle with. Education mixed with positive attributes lead to a strong backbone that most healthy heterosexual relationships are built on. That's always been the main goal of the site since it's inception. But other goals of branching out continue to surface. The TV Show about the site is due to air soon on cable in the Bay Area (on the west coast), so the administrators are constantly looking for new talent from the hottest profile videos. So word goes out to anyone trying to be heard or seen, or if you have any type of art or talent you would like to express, do it on 'Da House' and you could get booked on their up & coming TV shows. From singing, dancing, comedy, sensual entertaining, cooking, or even doing hair. The staff says that they love putting people on because that's what people want. Also Lork states "To embrace art is very important today because corporate America has devalued urban artistic expression so much that it's destroying a part of us." "Especially in pop-rap music, everything is killa this, and murder that, there's got to be another option, heck, we'll put a trapeze artist on the show if it looks good, and has some urban passion, and progressive motivation in the act. We love uplifting people."

Step up sexy latin girls, and hot black women. This is your chance to get seen by the real players in the industry and beyond. Online dating with a twist is what we would call it. Network with the hot hip hop crowd, indie label owners, and john blazing photographers. Plus meet black singles and sexy singles in general all over the world. And guys out there don't worry we've got the sexy spanish women for you too; from the US and abroad. Latinas on 'da house' are hot, they're extremely hot latinas. Try it. You'll love it.

That zany, funky, George Clinton-esque mack that's on top of hip-hop today has given it an official stamp of approval. So with all the fun going on around the internet, you might want to listen to The Bishop Don Magic Juan when he says 'DaHoneyHouse.Com, you gotta do it. Chuuch'

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