MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions Posts New Article on the Single Most Important Trait Every Entrepreneur Needs but So Few Have

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MJ Gottlieb from the entrepreneur and startup blog, N2ITIV Solutions posts new article on the single most important trait every entrepreneur needs but so few have


It’s easy to discuss how great you are, however it is much harder to admit your mistakes. The difference is the former has no benefit to you or anyone else, however the latter has tremendous benefits to both.

MJ Gottlieb from N2ITIV Solutions, a blog for entrepreneurs and start-ups, has just posted a new article on what he believes to be the most important trait that entrepreneurs need that very few have…thick skin. Gottlieb believes that the key to success in business is learning how to handle rejection and failure and having thick skin is the one trait that will give the entrepreneur the ability to do just that. The problem is that getting thick skin only comes as a result of experience; however, Gottlieb believes it is a necessity that entrepreneurs know in advance that they will experience failure and business mistakes, so when those mistakes happen, they are not surprised.

Gottlieb highlights the following actions entrepreneurs can take to show them how to learn from failure and give them the thick skin they need in order to achieve success:

1.    Set the Bar High from Onset: Setting the bar high from the onset makes everything else infinitely easier. Gottlieb states, “When my partner Gary was very young he interned at a brokerage firm and had to try to get Bill Gates on the phone every day. After thousands of attempts he realized that calling everyone else became rather simple.”

2.    Tackling the Hardest First: While many people think that tackling the easiest items on one’s agenda is best, Gottlieb believes an entrepreneur needs to clear the big boulder first, as it will make it much easier from that point to move the little rocks. “It is very much like lifting a heavy weight. Once you lift the heaviest load first, the lighter weights seem far lighter than they really are.”

3.    Get Out of the Comfort Zone: Gottlieb believes that the more an entrepreneur steps out of their comfort zone, the quicker everything will become their comfort zone in the long-run. Things like looking people in the eye, asking the prettiest girl to the dance, or going up to the most un-approachable investor as possible will have tremendously positive effect on future success. Gottlieb re-iterates that getting out of the comfort zone is one of the strongest startup tips he can give entrepreneurs when they start their businesses.

4.    Attack Past Mistakes and Actions: Approaching people who entrepreneurs have harmed in the past will give the person accountability, humility and perspective on what they have done wrong in the past in order to have tools and knowledge to fix them in the future. “It’s easy to discuss how great you are, however it is much harder to admit your mistakes. The difference is the former has no benefit to you or anyone else, however the latter has tremendous benefits to both.”

5.    Make Three Calls: Gottlieb believes that, whatever the goal, a person should reach out to at least three people a day to try to put themselves in a better position to achieve that goal. Furthermore, if an entrepreneur makes daily efforts to achieve their goals, they can never look back and say they never tried.

Gottlieb adds, “In business, as in life there are two things, what you think and what you do. A person who thinks without doing is stuck in place, and a person who is a doer without thinking often gets into trouble. The two must work together in order for any progress to be made.” Gottlieb recommends that entrepreneurs take the five recommendations and put them into a program of action to help them build their thick skin so they can best prepare themselves for their journey ahead.

N2ITIV Solutions, founded by MJ Gottlieb and Gary O'Neil, is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the implementation of creative business strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their brand awareness and monetize their businesses. The N2ITIV website is an entrepreneur and startup blog offering advice learned through Gottlieb and O’Neil’s experience owning and operating five companies over the last 21 years.

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