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A blog by a former guru who is now busy spreading the message of love and helping poor children in India. However he writes about everything and does not stop in front of delicate topics. He also elaborates and criticizes subjects that are usually treated as taboos.

Swami Balendu and his Blog

"...I am again and again amazed that it seems to be written for me, it just addresses my situation in life right now!"

What started more than two years ago as a daily diary to let friends know what was going on, led to a huge blog with more than 90 topics and more than 900 articles. Swami Balendu, who has spent three and a half years doing mantra meditation in a cave, writes not only about philosophical and spiritual topics but in a down-to-earth manner about relationships, love and sex, about stress and stress management and of course about his own experiences and his children charity projects in India. This all you can now find in his blog on his website http://www.jaisiyaram.com/blog.

‘For me, this is a medium to let others know my thoughts and who I am. I write my honest opinion, direct and clear. And if it helps anybody to a happier life with more love in it, I am very happy!’ says Swami Balendu about his blog.

One can read excerpts of lectures, read answers to questions that Swami Ji was asked in consultations and workshops, he gives practical examples and writes sometimes humorously, sometimes seriously about the multitude of problems all of us face in daily life. ‘The first thing I do when I open my computer at work is read the diary. It is my inspiration for the day’, an enthusiastic reader tells. ‘And I am again and again amazed that it seems to be written for me, it just addresses my situation in life right now!’

All entries are now sorted by topics so that it is even easier to navigate to an entry that is of interest for you. So whether the reader starts on 1st January 2008, reads about one special topic or searches the collection of featured blogs for a title that he likes, he can be sure to get inspiration, read something new, have a laugh or simply a thought worth thinking about. There is even the possibility of subscribing to the diary or a certain topic by email.

Here are some excerpts from different topics:

Cosmetic Business brings Women to not feeling Beautiful - 15 Jul 10
Topic: Body
from Tornesch, Germany
If TV and media did not present this ideal picture of beauty, how would it keep on growing? It has to change all the time so that they can always sell and promote different things. They show you what beauty is and if you want to achieve this, you need to buy their products. You see, it is not about beauty, it is about business.
Unfortunately this business leads to it that some women don’t even feel beautiful without make-up. They depend on this so much that they do not see their natural self as beautiful.

Guide to being a successful Guru - 21 June 10
Topic: Guru
from New York, United States of America
Prepare at least one wise comment for each topic and situation that you can think of. Even questions to simple things as using the toilet have to be answered with pearls of wisdom. If explanations are required, make them mysterious and refer to past lives as well as other worlds and beings.

Stress is a Matter of Perception, not of Time - 20 May 10
Topic: Stress
from New York, United States of America
For you it might be very important to clean the whole house before your mother-in-law will arrive and you get stressed while hovering, cleaning the windows and doing the laundry whereas your husband is fully relaxed even though he maybe does his best to help you. He doesn’t get stressed because for him it is not as important as it is for you.

Freedom is no Excuse for Cheating - 18 Apr 10
Topic: Relationship
from Bocholt, Germany
I often see in western culture that there is an ego problem which makes it difficult for people to really devote themselves to a partner. You can see, on the name of freedom they even cheat their partner! Did you want freedom for that?

Abortion of Girls in India - 22 Mar 10
Topic: Children
from Vrindavan, India
A girl will leave the house, the parents often still need to pay money to her future husband’s family and they need to organize the wedding and spend much money on that. It is really sad but many families still have the strong wish to have a boy, not a girl and when doctors were able to tell that it would be a girl, there were many cases of abortion and killing the little girl in the mother’s womb.

Sexual Feelings are natural and not a Sin - 2 Mar 10
Topic: Sex
from Vrindavan, India
The first 30 years of my life I was living a celibate life. I did not have a relationship, I did not have any girlfriend or wife but I still had sexual feelings. Even when I was not even close to women, there sometime was sexual arousal.
Now religion says that even this feeling is sin. However I did not do anything to get this feeling, so it must be natural.


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