Tribe Homosexual Asserts its Support to Nominate NYC Mayor Bloomberg for US President.

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Tribe Homosexual is adamant that Michael Bloomberg should be nominated for President of the United States. Tribe Homosexual's assertion is that Bloomberg will lay the foundation for Generation Clean. He will manage the conversion to Tidal Energy (TE). Tidal Energy will replace all carbon-based energy sources. Independence will have an enhanced meaning. Tribe Homosexual's proposal can be found at:

Are Americans any longer, independent?

It's nearing Independence Day. Americans celebrate independence, but we would ask, "Are Americans any longer, independent?"

Tribe Homosexual urges citizens to contact their Representatives and Senators and help make Michael Bloomberg the nominee for President of the United States. According to the Tribe, he will implement Tribe Homosexual's "Outrageous Energy Proposal".

Tribe Homosexual proposes that everything be powered by electricity. That electricity is gained, from the current (motion) of the water (ocean). Tidal Energy (TE) - energy from the motion of the ocean - replaces all carbon-based sources. Race Human should embrace technology that reveals a 21st Century freshness. More can be learned at: Discuss the plan at the July 4 cookout. At least then, everybody will have something to 'bite into'.

Tribe Homosexual is intended to encompass all those that embrace same sex partnering. Tribe Homosexual proposes that America and the world - take those steps that lead to true Energy Independence. America and the world essentially convert to Tidal Energy (TE) with-in the two terms of the Bloomberg Presidency.

"The original colonists had England to fight against. We would have you fight against complacency and fight for Race Human's children. They deserve a better world to inherit and a country made rich and independent through their forebears efforts. Children are owed All the same joy, fascination and pain that we all enjoyed. Carbon is returning atmospheric conditions on this world to how it existed, before Humankind. The descent into natural-resource wars can be avoided. It must be, if Race Human children are ever to become, the 'Greatest generation'," says Tribe Homosexual.

America can do, and has been, better. Help nominate Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor, for President of the United States. Otherwise the American people have to choose from the presumptive nominees.

Tribe Homosexual contends the choices are now - a Vietnam War-era veteran that apparently believes, all Vietnamese look-alike OR a trained lawyer who has never uttered, "Constitutional Rights" - too limited. Even worse, according to the Tribe, none of the presumptive nominees have proven worthy, by previous accomplishment, of bearing the mantle of executive leadership of the nation.

Replace 'Vietnamese' with Arab. Given the stark religious differences between Shiite (Shia) and Sunni provides a sense of the problem. Tribe Homosexual urges Americans to remember that American citizens have "unalienable rights" and McCain has promised to continue violating American's basic protections against the usurpations of the government. Recognize that 'hope' sounds good but without likely solutions, it is empty rhetoric and hyperbole.

Tribe Homosexual proposes that we all unite to Change the carbon-based energy addiction, in our lifetimes and during the Michael Bloomberg Presidency. We can "clean things up" through simple reliance on water. Luckily Earth is a water planet and it even has a moon. Tidal Energy (TE) will make that difference - for this country and all the world.

Tidal Energy (TE) started out as a means to get, Tribe Homosexual treated as equals by Tribe Heterosexual. Tidal Energy (TE) is now more, about saving the planet for future generations. Without the children, neither Tribe Homosexual nor Tribe Heterosexual can long endure and so, all of Race Human will perish.

Do get ready, for 21st century clean gadgets, electric-drive cars with lithium batteries; carbon-fiber bodies instead of steel. Not a bad way, to celebrate Independence. Did we mention that energy derived from the motion of the ocean is CHEAP, so put your checkbooks down. There will be work enough for everyone to get Tidal Energy (TE) done and to clean up the environmental degradation from using carbon-based energy sources.

This site has already been sent to every national legislator, in both houses of Congress. They need to know, Americans want real change and promptly, to affect the nation and the world.


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