Growing Demand for High-Definition Home Entertainment to Drive the World Blu-Ray Discs Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Blu-ray Discs markets. The global Blu-ray Discs market is projected to reach about US$7.0 billion by the year 2018. Growth will be primarily driven by growing demand for high-definition home entertainment including blu-ray disc players, blu-ray home theaters, and blu-ray compatible video game consoles (Sony PlayStation). The development of web-enabled/network-capable blu-ray devices and 3D blu-ray disc players also augurs well for the future of the market.

Blu-ray Discs: A Global Strategic Business Report

Follow us on LinkedIn – The popularity of blu-ray disc format has spread all over the world encouraged by the higher storage requirements of HD video content. Consumers’ search for the ultimate HD video experience and the resulting strong demand for consumer electronics that support HD content have positively benefited the market. The maximum impact of the blu-ray technology has been in the field of movies as is reflected by fact that today there are thousands of blu-ray video releases in the market each year. Several advantages of the blu-ray technology, such as, greater storage capacity, higher resolution, better sound quality, sharp pictures and immersive theatrical experience, have and will continue to help blu-ray discs score over the DVDs. Movies released on blu-ray discs are more appealing in comparison to the movies released on standard DVDs, as the availability of additional space in blu-ray discs enable movie producers to incorporate additional content as well as features. BD-J interactivity layer adopted by blu-ray, for instance, allows special features, graphics, and overlay of menu systems. Users can connect to the Internet and download subtitles and interactive movie features. Advanced interactivity together with networking features of blu-ray will enable content producers to offer innovative features such as updating content through the web, downloading extras, and viewing live broadcasts of events.

Another noteworthy trend is the growing popularity of blu-ray storage in the IT environment. Against a backdrop of a knowledge driven era where information is the engine that drives enterprises worldwide and where management of information is gaining utmost importance, blu-ray disc storage as an optical storage media solution is gaining in significance for a host of reasons. Blu-ray based optical data storage help organizations and institutions to keep pace with innovations in the data storage capabilities by providing a secure long-term platform for storage of digital multimedia information. Other benefits offered by blu-ray include longer archive life, reduced risk of obsolesce, reduced CO2 emissions and eliminates need for power or cooling unlike RAID based Archive and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices which are power driven. With manufacturers of "archive grade" blu-ray media providing minimum warranty for over 50+ years, adoption is expected to be high among private sector applications where recordkeeping do not require multi-decade data longevity.

Growing concerns over carbon footprint of data storage technologies is also throwing the spotlight on blu-ray. For instance, Carbon footprint of data storage is on the rise given the tendency among enterprises to sequentially complicate the complexity of storage infrastructures with increases in data volumes. This in turn increases the carbon footprint of data storage primarily because complex and sophisticated data storage solutions, such as storage area networks have huge energy, cooling and connectivity needs, all which increases both carbon emissions and power consumption. Stricter environmental mandates governing an organization's carbon footprint including emissions resulting from data storage is now throwing the spotlight on “Green Archive” solutions, at the heart of which are optical disc solutions like the blu-ray technology. Against a scenario of an evolving carbon conscious society, blu-ray discs are optimally positioned to benefit given their low carbon footprint and their relatively robust long-term archiving capabilities. The ensuing refocus and re-emphasis of companies on optical disc technology is likely to drive future gains in the market for blu-ray discs.

The consumer electronics industry in Europe remains nervous about the play out of the sovereign debt crisis drama. While no easy and immediate solutions exist for Europe’s macroeconomic imbalances, Europe remains a wildcard with the economic health of the region forecast to be the sum of the solutions adopted to resolve the crisis. While the potential outcomes of the crisis remain numerous, baseline market sentiments currently accumulate at the optimistic end of the spectrum. Bearish market sentiments indicate that tough government spending cuts and increase in taxes as part of the austerity measures could bring consumer spending under pressure in debt ridden economies. However forced austerity measures implemented in Greece to reduce the country’s widening deficits, are less likely to be adopted in relatively stronger economies with lower debt loads like in Germany, Spain and Italy. This is primarily because of the growing acceptance of the counterproductive implications of such a strategy on GDP growth in an economy.

Market sentiments are additionally strengthened by the fact that the sovereign debt crisis has not yet been transmitted to the real economy as is indicated by the relative stability of the value of the Euro currency. The intrinsic value of the euro has been stable despite fears of massive inflation, and the Euro continues to remain the dominant world currency in comparison to the dollar. Germany’s relative resilience in handling the euro zone crisis is also helping strengthen confidence levels. Given the yet encouraging outlook for the German economy, the largest in the euro zone, it is not all gloom and doom as pessimists might view. Encouraging economic data such as comparatively lower levels of unemployment, better trade surplus accounts, and stable industrial output and manufacturing indices, indicate that the real German economy has not yet been impacted by the crisis as feared. This thereby discounts an across the board impact of a possible eurozone crisis which is still not confirmed as a technical recession. Consumer spending in Europe is therefore expected to hold up in the year 2012 despite the debt crisis.

As stated by the new market research report on Blu-ray Discs, Japan dominates the world market in terms of both value and volume sales. Strongest growth, however, is forecast to stem from Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) which is poised to trail a projected CAGR of 94.6% over the analysis period.

Major players in the global marketplace include CMC Magnetics Corporation, Falcon Technologies International LLC, Hitachi Maxell Ltd., Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation, Moser Baer India Limited, Panasonic Corporation, Paramount Pictures Corporation, RITEK Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Sony Corporation, Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd., TDK Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox, Umedisc Limited, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Co., and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., among others.

The research report titled “Blu-ray Discs: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, issues, drivers, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections (in Thousand Units & US$ Million) for major geographic markets including the United States, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Rest of Europe), and Rest of World.

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