Tracks Forum Health: Boasts "Better than Google" for Ranking Forums

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Previously, online forum administrators have had to gauge their community's health with tools that weren't made for the job. A new system, at, is about to change the way bulletin boards are monitored with their "better than Google" ranking system. This free tool promises to change the way forums are run.

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With the release of a new tool called, forum administrators are being handed a new method of ranking and monitoring an online forum's health. What is Forum Health? This method promises to change the face of bulletin board administration. By factoring in forum specific elements in their ranking system, is able to boast a rating system that far surpasses Google's page rankings for online forums!

For those who have worked as a forum administrator or moderator, the lack of tools for monitoring a community's health has always been apparent. Google's page rank and other rating systems were never designed to take into account aspects that matter to these types of sites.

Without the tools to get the job done right, many administrators would spend their time working on improving the Google page ranking for their forums. The problem with this is that 100% of the focus and effort ends up on search engine optimization, and not on improving the health of the forum itself. was designed in response to this current lack of tools. Since community is the heart of a bulletin board, putting the focus on anything other than the forum itself can greatly affect the site's success. provides users with the information they need to monitor and improve their forums. It allows administrators to monitor their forum's health, know where they stand compared to similar sites, and at the same time keep the focus where it should be - on the community that makes forums what they are!

Owned and operated by Quefax Media, provides a new way to properly gauge community performance and health. The system takes into account all of the elements that pertain to forums.

When ranking a forum, member count, active members, forum activity, thread count, reply rate/odds, viewing odds and more are factored in. The system also gives a small weight to the forum's Google page rank.

Accounting for aspects, that are relevant, to a bulletin board based site, means that administrators are given a better gauge to the overall health of their community as compared to other communities. also provides the following reporting and comparison tools:

" BoardsMD CheckUp - Perform a health checkup on any forum in the directory.
" BoardsMD MatchUp - Find a match for any forum based on your specified criteria.
" BoardsMD BattleUp - Select any two forums for a battle on health characteristics.
" BoardsMD Smart Find - Let BoardsMD suggest a list a forums based on your specific priorities.
" BoardsMD eReports - Members can sign-up for eReports such as: Daily Fast Stats, Health Awards Weekly & Monthly, Top Forums Weekly and its Support Forum Weekly.

These new tools can be found at and use of the system is free. Whether you're a forum administrator, site owner, or you just want to find the best forum for any given topic - is the place to go. It is expected to become the most popular tool on the web for online community forums!

About BoardsMD is owned and operated by Quefax Media. The tool is freely available to forum owners, administrators, moderators or users who just want to find a good forum to join. is also offering a free guide to forum administration to all members upon registration! was created to monitor the health of all forums on the Web and to promote forum health and maintenance. The site is currently in live beta!

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