Bodybuilding Supplements: Congratulations to IMPACT Nutrition and the Supplement Stack That Has Stood the Test of Time

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The Pro Stack, A Creatively Planned Bodybuilding Supplement Stack From IMPACT Nutrition Is Still Going Strong After 15 Years. Congratulations IMPACT Nutrition!

Bodybuilding Supplements

The IMPACT Stack

The Pro Stack was the one that really put IMPACT Nutrition on the map. And now, fifteen years later, the same stack is selling strong and still making serious bodybuilders out of regular gym rats.

When IMPACT Nutrition first arrived on the bodybuilding scene over a decade ago, there were only a few bodybuilding supplement companies around. Since then, the industry has boomed to the point where there are literally thousands of new companies popping up each year; most of them trying to mimic the success of those early leaders like EAS, Prolab, AST, IMPACT Nutrition and MuscleTECH.

But what really made these early innovators so successful was their desire to be different from each other. And what set IMPACT Nutrition apart from every other company in the late 1990’s was their cleverly designed custom “Stacks.” Stacking is the practice of combining two or more bodybuilding supplements together to create a synergistic effect. It’s an exponential approach to reaching a specific bodybuilding goal. “Stacking specialty supplements is much more efficient than taking ‘all in one’ type products. By stacking, you can control the dosages of each individual item separately.” says fitness guru Anthony Robbinson. “The Pro Stack was the one that really put IMPACT Nutrition on the map. And now, some thirteen years later, the same stack is selling strong and still making serious bodybuilders out of regular gym rats.”

The IMPACT Pro Stack is a combination of three tried and true anabolic components; Equi-Bolan, Maxteron, and DermaGAIN. Each of them are designed to mimic the effects of a specific anabolic hormone; each with a unique purpose. And when you put them together they create a synergistic and powerful muscle building effect.

The cycle starts off with Equibolan, the bulking agent that is designed to help increase muscle size through improved stamina, oxygen utilization and optimal blood volume. These traits will allow a person to train harder and longer while ensuring that all the available dietary nutrients are delivered quickly to the muscle.

Maxteron is added toward the end of the cycle and used to harden, strengthen and solidify the new muscle growth. It also has some diuretic properties that will make the user lean out to create a very vascular look. Something that every bodybuilder dreams of!

DermaGAIN XLT, one of the most impressive of all the IMPACT Nutrition products, is used throughout the entire cycle to raise testosterone levels and improve recovery time between workouts. DermaGAIN XLT is unique because it is a topical delivery system that allows the user to rub it onto the areas they need it most.

Altogether this stack can be run for up to 12 consecutive weeks with a very low risk of side effect. The professionals at, however, suggest no longer than 8 weeks at a time in order to prevent any receptor site burnout. Each cycle should be followed by a minimum of 4 weeks off.

As it may have already been implied, this stack is meant to be used by adult men. And as with all steroidal supplements, the IMPACT Pro Stack is only effective when used in conjunction with a weight training program and a high protein diet More information about this and many other bodybuilding supplement stacks can be found at or calling the toll free phone number 1-888-987-7748

*** The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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