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New Video Explains Stability Ball Pushup as Demonstrated by Creator of Bodyweight Torch Bodyweight Program

With so many varieties of the pushup, Mike Whitfield, the creator behind the brand new Bodyweight Exercise Program, “Bodyweight Torch”, revealed a new video to his loyal subscribers about how to perform the Stability Ball Pushup.

“Some people think that pushups are too easy, so they ignore them and remove them from their bodyweight exercise program. But any time someone elevates their feet when performing the pushup exercise, they increase the difficulty as well as challenge their muscles bringing a whole new stimulus. The idea behind the stability ball pushup is to force someone’s core to work harder, therefore making it a great bodyweight core exercise as well. And if someone doesn’t have access to a stability ball, they can use anything to elevate their feet including steps, chairs, a bed and more. The stability ball pushup is a great upper body bodyweight exercise, but it also challenges anyone’s balance and coordination, as well as improves core performance. When the core performance is improved, that means better overall bodyweight workouts. It’s easily one of the best upper body bodyweight exercises. I enjoy making these how-to bodyweight exercise videos explaining different and unique bodyweight exercises so that people can use them with their workouts. Bodyweight exercises and bodyweight training programs are great to use when someone can’t make it to the gym or they are tight on time. Exercises like the stability ball pushup can be a great addition to at-home bodyweight workouts improving anyone’s fitness. They are also a great way to improve someone’s bodyweight conditioning. Anyone can slow down the tempo to make this upper body exercise more challenging. To increase the heart rate, anyone can speed up the tempo. The tempo shown in the stability ball pushup video is a moderate pace that is ideal”, said Whitfield.

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