Reviews Choosing a Boise, Idaho Home Builder

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Sometimes a builder is not a builder, just an opportunist looking to take advantage of local real estate market conditions. Build Idaho looks closer at what people should know when selecting a builder.

Boise Idaho Real Estate Guide

Boise Idaho Real Estate Guide

All you need is a dog and a cell phone to become a builder.

At the height of the Boise, Idaho Real Estate Market, the joke most in the industry shared was that to become an Idaho builder all you needed was a dog and a cell phone! While that may be exaggerated, it is very much true. Builders don't need the technical skills to build a home because a builder could just manage subcontractors.

This is why it is very important prospective home buyers do their due diligence to get a home that is technically correct and built to last without maintenance for generations. As the real estate market heats up, many opportunists will become builders. You may think that government inspectors protect home buyers but this is not necessarily true. They cannot see everyone thing that happens, or does not happen on the job site. Inpsectors cannot stop a builder form cutting corners.

Here is a list of tips to selecting a Credible Idaho Home Builder

1) How long have they been in business in Idaho?
Being in business for years is a sign of experience and financial stability.

2) Is it a real company and are they building full time?
It is in your best interest to work with someone who wants to build a good reputation and not just make money. Ask your builder for a list of other homes currently under construction.

3) How many home has the company built?
Note: Does not count if they were the superindent or part owner in another company, only as their company. You should also ask how many homes they built in the last two years? Ask for several references and do your due diligence.

4) Ask the home builder to describe their company!
This is a great way to learn about their passion for building or if you are going to be just another client. Will your home be certified ENERGY STAR, NAHB Green or LEED are the major certifications.

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