BoldBrick Announces Mossquito ServerPro and DeployPro on SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference

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Mossquito ServerPro 2010 and Mossquito DeployPro 2010 are the two products announced by BoldBrick at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference. Being based on BoldBrick’s innovative deployment engine and the Microsoft SharePoint WSP infrastructure, ServerPro provides site provisioning and self-service zone features while DeployPro offers ISVs a new approach to application delivery and upgrade management.

Mossquito ServerPro 2010 and Mossquito DeployPro 2010 are the two products announced by BoldBrick at the SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference. The Mossquito product family has been extended to cover more deployment and management scenarios and solve challenges encountered by businesses leveraging Microsoft SharePoint. Both products cover different web site data model deployment scenarios while complying with standard WSP deployment processes. The new products will become available during Q2 2010 both for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

Mossquito ServerPro 2010 enables companies gain better governance over SharePoint site provisioning thanks to comprehensive provisioning templates, site creation rules, and a self-service zone for end-users. ServerPro provides the technology necessary to deploy WSP-packaged web site data models while leveraging the benefits of BoldBrick’s compare & merge-based deployment engine. Thus businesses receive the complete flexibility of deployments and maintenance of hundreds or thousands of SharePoint web sites.

Mossquito DeployPro 2010 enables ISVs to deliver their SharePoint-based products faster and provide more frequent updates. By streamlining the upgrade process DeployPro helps ISVs unlock the full business potential of their offerings and improve customer service. DeployPro provides capabilities to create WSP packages containing data models of SharePoint web sites together with a redistributable deployment engine. Thus it gives ISVs the key to reliable SharePoint application delivery enabling upgrades that work against any release ever distributed to customers.

Both Mossquito ServerPro 2010 and Mossquito DeployPro 2010 are powered by BoldBrick’s innovative deployment technology. The same engine is at the heart of Mossquito 2009 — the IDE for SharePoint — which has been recently recognized by Microsoft Awards 2010 Finalist. Mossquito 2009 provides developers and IT Pros working with the Microsoft SharePoint platform a significant competitive advantage in terms of increased speed of delivery, cost reductions, and increased reliability of SharePoint solutions. With the introduction of ServerPro and DeployPro businesses will be able to deploy data models created in Mossquito 2009 through the Microsoft-recommended WSP infrastructure native to SharePoint.

BoldBrick introduced its Mossquito 2009 — the new IDE for SharePoint — on SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Mossquito helps businesses streamline development, deployment and management of SharePoint solutions and applications. The product focuses on web site data model creation, editing, and deployment and features an innovative compare & merge-based deployment engine. A free trial is available for download on company's web site.

Mossquito 2009 opens new possibilities for Microsoft SharePoint developers and IT pros and unlocks the development process to be more productive, flexible, and streamlined. Developers and IT pros can replace command-line tools, custom scripts and various helpers with a single user-friendly Integrated Development Environment. The new approach to SharePoint application delivery embodied in Mossquito 2009 makes many SharePoint-related processes a breeze — from staging environment management through application deployment, web site structure migration and replication, up to upgrading, maintaining, and evolving SharePoint sites.

About BoldBrick

BoldBrick is a technology start-up focused software development tools and especially on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. BoldBrick is privately held and is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since April 1st has offices in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA, being the first ever Czech technology start-up to join CzechAccelerator, the technology accelerator focused on bringing Czech high-tech companies and their products to the US market.


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