How To Rescue A 60-Year-Old Turtle: Military-Grade Underground Shelter Company Green Eye Technology Upgrades "Duck And Cover"; Launches Website

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Underground bomb shelter dealer Green Eye Technology re-launches website in response to new company focus on underground shelter survival systems. Dirty bombs and bioterrorism have replaced the Russian nuclear threat of the '50s and '60s. Underground bomb shelter dealer Green Eye Technology responds to the need for protection from the terrorist threat.

Many people have misconceptions about nuclear terrorism

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Before "Mutually Assured Destruction" was even a concept, Bert the turtle was teaching school children how to survive a nuclear war. In the U.S. government's 1951 animation, Bert hides under his shell when confronted with danger. A stick of dynamite represents a nuclear bomb. A monkey represents nuclear-armed Russia. The message is: If you see a bright flash, duck on the ground in a ball, face down, and cover your head.

Launching his company's new bomb shelter website in 2009, Green Eye Technology's owner and president George Welhaf said: "We can do better than duck and cover. Today's threat is nuclear, biological, chemical and conventional weapon terrorism. We re-wrote our website to reflect our sharpened concentration on protecting people from terrorism.

Osama bin Laden and dirty bombs have replaced Russia and its nukes. Modern acts of terrorism are America's greatest threat. Nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional terrorism are now an every-day possibility.

Today, the U.S. government no longer teaches civil defense in the schools. While the Department of Homeland Security checks our borders, planes and ports, alert citizens know that only one terrorist has to get through that net to create a deadly threat to the United States.

In 2006, George Welhaf was looking for an underground shelter to protect his family from the terrorist threat. He looked at bomb shelter after bomb shelter. But as a seasoned construction expert, he could see the flaws in these plans.

Then in 2006 (on September 11), George met Walton McCarthy, author of "Principles of Protection: U.S. Handbook of Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards". McCarthy had been designing and building underground bomb shelter protection for over 20 years. Inventor and manufacturer of the P10, CAT15 and CAT25 shelters, McCarthy had the product Welhaf sought.

Welhaf teamed with McCarthy to market and distribute the shelters. He made underground shelters the focus of his Green Eye Technology company. In 2008, Welhaf hired Bogart Computing, LLC to build a website to educate customers about state-of-the-art shelter technology. was completely re-designed and re-launched in December, 2008.

The military-grade line of bomb shelters protects shelterists from nuclear fallout, chemical weapons, biological weapons, conventional blasts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and fires. The shelters have air sterilization units that kill or eliminate all nuclear, biological and chemical agents. Green Eye Technology now features underground shelters at the core of its business.

"Many people have misconceptions about nuclear terrorism," Welhaf said. "In a worst case scenario, radiation disperses to healthy levels within 28 days. Of course, there might be other issues at hand that would require the shelterists to remain in the shelter for a significantly longer period of time."

Some people worry that sheltering would feel claustrophobic. "They can be claustrophobic," Welhaf said. "Especially concrete shelters which hold moisture and absorb light. Our shelters are impervious to water. The interior feels expansive and bright. The walls actually reflect light, creating almost a sunny feeling."

The company markets it bomb shelter product line to families, associations and businesses. Parents buy them to protect their children. Associations have been purchasing "group shelters" chained together underground to create completely self-contained underground communities. Corporations use underground shelters for business continuity and data protection.

"We outfit our customers' shelters with every conceivable necessity and option," Welhaf said. "Not just showers and stoves, but also quality-of-life products such as gym equipment. Our job is to protect people while offering a higher level of comfort," Welhaf said. "Our underground shelters are the only complete protection from man-made and natural disasters. Families ask if they can bring their pets to the shelter. I answer 'yes, of course.' Any household pet can shelter with its family. Dogs, cats... even turtles," Welhaf said.

For more information about Green Eye Technology and its bomb shelter products, contact George Welhaf at (610) 203-6214.


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