'Beings in a Dream' -- David Field's Sequel to 'Friends & Enemies' Published

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The much anticipated sequel to 'Friends & Enemies' has finally been published. The protagonist in the book Tommy travels back in time where he meets and falls in love with Eloise; what awaits them though are a series of spine-chilling adventures which they manage to survive. Taking off from where the story left Tommy and Eloise in the first volume, the second book in the series keeps up the momentum as the plot moves from one unexpected twist to another. A third volume in this series is almost complete.

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An apt continuation to the gripping turn of events in David Field's book 'Friends & Enemies' is complete and available now.

The author's undeniably appealing way with words and broad knowledge can clearly be seen in his literary works; those who have read 'Friends & Enemies' are sure to vouch for this fact. This engaging and enthralling story is about a fifteen year old boy Tommy who gets transported back in time where an innocent romance takes shape between him and his love interest - Eloise de Narbonne, a French countess from the sixteenth century. However, the path that they are destined to tread is not an easy one, and they get embroiled in a series of dark yet thrilling events. In the course of their journey they manage to brave several evil and near-fatal situations involving corrupt clergymen, treason within power-hungry dynasties, caves abounding with evil spirits, outlaws banished to marshlands and many more.

'Beings in a Dream' starts off where its forerunner ends with the victory, though momentary, of good over evil, when the key negative character in the plot, the murderous family priest Father Drogo, is denounced publicly for his misdeeds. The storyline takes an interesting twist when it is Eloise's turn to accompany Tommy to the present day world. This contrasts with the first volume of the series, 'Friends & Enemies', where it was Tommy who had traveled back in time. As Eloise struggles to make sense of the ways of modern day living, the description of how she is bemused, baffled, confused and sometimes delighted is particularly noteworthy for being very close to how it would surely be. The plot thickens when the fiendish Father Drogo finds his way to Eloise and drags her back with him to the world that they belong to, four hundred years in the past. What follows are Tommy's desperate attempts to find and rescue her from the nunnery in which she has been kept prisoner before the two of them nail the evil Father Drogo once again.

In spite of being a fantasy, the nuances of the plot convince you of the reality of it all. For example, there's Tommy's mobile phone that manages to be usable when he's in Eloise's world four hundred years back in time! The impact of such detail is that the reader is able to identify with the story-line, willingly accept the patently impossible and even imagine themselves to be in Tommy's or Eloise's shoes. Indeed the book runs like a film before your eyes!

Another attractive aspect of David Field's book is the genuine attempt to replicate the innocence of teenage romance. This makes this book appropriate reading material for young readers; it is obvious that the author has keen insight into the lives of teenagers around him, from his own family and from his own teen days. The beauty of the book however, lies in the fact that it appeals readers belonging to a wide spectrum of age-groups, from 10 to 110.

David Field's proven story-telling skills are only further underlined with 'Beings in a Dream', the title of 'Friends & Enemies', Part II. The ease with which readers are able to follow the interactions between the various characters, across centuries in particular, is a clear indicator of Field's literary prowess. 'Unpredictable' is the one term that can describe the turn of events in Tommy and Eloise's story; the fact that readers of Friends and Enemies feel compelled to sit into the wee hours of dawn simply because they cannot get themselves to put the book down maybe says it all - get ready for some sleepless nights with 'Beings in a Dream'!

About the author:

David Field is an astronomer and physicist, currently a professor at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Writing clearly is a passion for this talented story-teller; he has been writing short stories for over a decade now. The author can be contacted through the 'e-mail' link on his webpage http://www.davidfield.co.uk .


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