"Portraits in the Dark" to be Displayed at Barnes and Noble

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New award-winning POD book to be displayed at Barnes and Noble starting on November 21st.

From Publishers Weekly to the New York Times the debate rages over the worthiness of the Print-On-Demand book. With the new Publisher's Choice award from iUniverse, qualified books get the chance to be displayed at a local Barnes and Noble for a minimum of eight weeks. This new program shows that some Print-On-Demand titles have quality cover designs and are just as well-written as many books that come from traditional publishing houses.

Of these, "Portraits in the Dark: A Collection of Short Stories" by Nancy O. Greene will be one of the newest to be featured in the White Marsh, Maryland branch of the bookseller giant starting November 21st. So far this short compilation of stories has received favorable reviews and now readers in the Maryland/D.C. area will have the opportunity to purchase the book directly from a brick-and-mortar bookstore in addition to online stores such as http://www.iuniverse.com and http://www.amazon.com.

What People are Saying about "Portarits":

The author uses the everyday as well as the supernatural to examine the darker side of human existence.

● ...there is a lot of rich, imaginative concentrated escapism in "Portraits" – a lot inside a little space. Greene makes conservative use of words, making as few as possible go as far as they can be stretched, not unlike, say, Kafka, who also was a master of minimalistic writing with a maximum imagery effect.-Reviewer Magazine.

● Comparable to the works of Edgar Allan Poe but with unique cadence, style, and grace all its own, "Portraits in the Dark" is a collection of "...varying and conversational stories that draw the reader in with a sense of empathy and dread. An extraordinarily wellwritten, intense collection." -Paul Lagasse, author of "Seeing Through Clouds: The Story of an Airship Apprentice."

● "Portraits in the Dark: A Collection of Short Stories" is well-crafted and engrossing; each tale has just the right voice, just the right rhythm, with characters and situations that are intriguing and at times frightening. It's well worth the read.-Eric D. Goodman, freelance writer; author; and editor of the popular literary weblog, http://www.writeful.blogspot.com.


He watched, helpless, as his body was engulfed in flames, as the kingdom, the children, the wives, the men, all disintegrated. A blistering darkness crawled over the walls, eating up everything in its path, eating the gold, the bronze, eating the stones. Everything dissipated, letting out one final, cut off plea before being swallowed into the belly of the fiery darkness.-From the short story "Ewuakpe's War."

The author explains:

"...the characters in these stories suffer through and deal with emotions most of us experience every day. They are surrounded by circumstances that they brought upon themselves or, in some cases, had little to no control over. Partially, I wanted to look at the darkness of what it means to exist and to choose, to examine how far that darkness can go, what choices people make to struggle out of or go deeper into that pit. But more than that, I hoped to create stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking, something readers could identify with, enjoy, and interpret in their own unique ways."

About the Author:

Nancy O. Greene started writing at the age of nine. She attended the University of Southern California where she earned a B.A. in Cinema (Critical Studies) and a minor in English (Creative Writing). She has written articles for numerous web sites, and two of the short stories featured in "Portraits in the Dark" have both received quarterfinalist and semifinalist awards from the 10th Annual Writers Network Fiction and Screenplay Competition. Nancy O. Greene currently resides in Maryland.

About Publisher's Choice:

The iUniverse Publisher's Choice designation identifies, supports, and celebrates those new titles that display potential for greater commercial success. Publisher's Choice rewards iUniverse titles that exhibit both editorial integrity and outstanding design quality. During the publishing process, these titles undergo a stringent editorial review and a design evaluation. Deserving titles are awarded Publisher's Choice and, as a result, become eligible to be displayed on the New Paperback Releases table in the author's local Barnes & Noble store for a minimum of eight weeks.

To Contact the Author:

Phone: 443-416-9646

Websites: http://www.myspace.com/mixitnmatchit
Coming Soon: http://www.portraits.bravehost.com


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