TeeBeeDee Boomer Political Survey Results: Economy is #1 Issue for this Election

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Online Boomer Social Network, TeeBeeDee, surveyed hundreds of voters over 40 and found the top issue driving their decisions for this presidential election is the economy and the environment.


TeeBeeDee (http://www.tbd.com), a social network for adults 40+ who believe life is still to be determined, offers insights and advice directly from TeeBeeDee members. Like most Americans, TeeBeeDee members have been engrossed in the presidential election and have made politics one of the most active topics on the site. Our Boomer members have generated "must-read" discussions on Obama, McCain, and Palin that have become an important destination for anyone interested in tracking Boomer attitudes on this election.

Most recently, TeeBeeDee surveyed Boomers to find out which issues are most important to them and how they decide who to vote for. The survey found that the economy is the #1 issue driving how Boomers will vote in this election, and the environment is a close second. Surprisingly, Social Security and health care are less important as the country faces the current economic crisis. The survey also found other surprising results: It turns out that Boomers trust newspapers and magazines over TV news and campaign ads when deciding who to vote for. And in a question asking what Boomers owe most to the next generation of Americans, less than 5% said Social Security. Instead, they said a growing and prosperous economy was the legacy they want to leave behind.

TeeBeeDee is a leading destination for the Boomer generation, typically described as adults between 44 and 64 years old. Boomers represent over 77 million people in the U.S. and are one of the fastest growing segments online. Boomers are embracing social networks like TeeBeeDee in greater numbers because they can meet new friends and learn from people with similar life experiences. At TeeBeeDee, Boomers come together to share and discuss their passions across a wide variety of topics such as politics, pets, cooking, travel, family, and genealogy. It is also the place where Boomers ask questions and receive advice on careers, finance, family, health, relationships, sex over 40, friendships, and much more.

Some questions and results from the TeeBeeDee political survey:

How do your childrens' politics differ from your own?

52.2% We're pretty much the same
18.6% Mixed bag--some of my kids differ with me; some don't
11.9% More liberal
9.1% More conservative
8.2% More apathetic

What sources do you believe when you're deciding whom to vote for?

46.5% Newspapers and magazines
18.3% TV News
11.2% Friends and/or family
14.1% Blogs
6.7% Religious or spiritual leaders
3.2% Campaign advertising

What change do you want most for America?

28.7% Deficit reduction and stable financial markets
25.7% Significant decrease in our reliance on oil
20.6% Affordable national healthcare
18.5% End to our involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
6.6%    Homeland security

What are our most precious democratic freedoms?

In order of importance for those surveyed:
1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom of religion
3. Freedom of the press
4. Protection against unreasonable search and seizure
5. Right to keep and bear arms
6. Protections from cruel and unusual punishment
7. Homeland security must come before some constitutional protections

What do we owe most to the next generation of Americans?

33.6% A growing, prosperous economy
21.7% A safe and protected natural environment
17.0% An end to oil dependency
12.8% A guarantee of affordable healthcare for all Americans
10.1% Effective protection against terrorism
4.8%    A solvent social security system

About TeeBeeDee
TeeBeeDee is a social network for people 40+ who know that life is still To Be Determined. TeeBeeDee is the place where people who have lived a little meet to re-invigorate their lives with new friendships and make the most of life's "second half." TeeBeeDee's social networking platform includes groups, discussions, private messaging, Q&A, profiles, quizzes, polls, alerts, tags, photos, and original editorial content. At TeeBeeDee, Boomers come together to share and discuss their passions across a wide variety of interests such as pets, cooking, travel, family and genealogy. It is also the place where Boomers ask questions and receive advice on topics as varied as careers, finance, family, health, relationships, sex over 40, and much more. For more information visit http://www.tbd.com.


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