Imhoff: Yellowfin’s Collaborative BI “Brilliant”, Pricing Model “Leaves Me Speechless”

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Global Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, Yellowfin, has won acclaim and commendation from leading independent BI analysts, Claudia Imhoff, in a one-on-one interview developed as part of a Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) briefing.

Yellowfin: Making Business Intelligence easy

I think you’ve done some things to help your customers love you. One of those is your pricing model… it’s stunning to say the least – it leaves me speechless

The BBBT is a BI forum based in Denver, Colorado. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts and practitioners, who participate in regular half-day briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’.

Imhoff – BBBT host and Present & Founder of Intelligence Solutions (the company responsible for coordinating the BBBT and producing its events) – applauded Yellowfin’s continued commitment to consumerizing its BI platform, and making it as accessible as possible to a wider business-user-oriented audience, by developing its pricing model and Collaborative BI functionality.

Imhoff: Pricing model “leaves me speechless”

Imhoff stated her admiration for Yellowfin’s new business model, which has seen the vendor significantly reduce its price point to $1000 per user per year, introduce a $3000 per year five-user starter pack, and simplify its licensing model to include one access-all-areas user type.

“@YellowfinBI has changed its pricing to $3000 a year for 5 user entry points! Wow!!” tweeted Imhoff on the associated Twitter stream under the hash tag #BBBT during Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie’s, group BBBT presentation earlier that day.

Yellowfin’s new pricing model is designed to make BI more accessible to a wider range of companies and make large deployments and widespread user adoption a reality, rather than a catch cry.

Rabie also said, in the subsequent one-on-one interview with Imhoff, that the pricing restructure was part of Yellowfin’s mission to help its customers “fall in love with Yellowfin”.

Access the podcast of that interview here:

“And I think you’ve done some things to help your customers love you,” said Imhoff. “One of those is your pricing model… it’s stunning to say the least – it leaves me speechless.”

On Mobile BI driving Collaborative BI

Rabie said that Yellowfin’s unique approach to Mobile BI was driven by its desire to make BI a more collaborative experience to boost the decision-making process.

Rabie: “When we developed our mobile [BI capabilities], and particularly our iPad application, we actually threw away people’s existing perceptions about what BI was – it was all about a different way of experiencing the information [as opposed to the information itself].”

Imhoff: “Which by the way, I think is brilliant,” responded Imhoff. “There are so many BI companies that just repurpose their dashboard for a mobile device, and that isn’t right, it requires a completely different form factor.”

Rabie: “Yeah, people want to get it [the BI content] differently and use it or interact with it differently, so that was the first thing we did – we took it [the BI content] away from being just a dashboard, and turned it into an informational experience that allowed people to find and report the information they want very, very quickly,” said Rabie.

“And then in doing that and watching people use it, we found them doing these weird gymnastics on how they were going to share the information with others. They were like, ‘now I’ll take a screenshot, and email it, then I’ll pick it up from there’. And we were just looking at that, and thought that that was just a really painful experience for the end-user. And then when we looked at the browser model, we found that collaboration already kind of existed because people we used to cutting and pasting and doing all that stuff. Whereas on an iPad, you can’t cut and paste imagery and all those sorts of things easily, but it is an inherently collaborative device – people want to collaborative more in this environment.

“So we developed components specifically for mobile. Our inbox is a good example of that, which allows people to very quickly see what’s changed with any of their reports and reporting environment.”

Collaborative BI at the center of Yellowfin’s BI platform

Imhoff: “You’ve put a great deal of focus on Collaborative BI,” said Imhoff.

“One of the things that Colin [White – a fellow BI analyst] and I have focused on in the last six months is in fact Collaborative BI, and we have a repot that will come out soon on that, and we looked at it [Collaborative BI] as having three components.

“The first one was collaborative interaction – you want to be able to send out and show reports and get them back with comments and so on.

“The second one is the information enhancement, so not only do I want to share things with you, but I want to be able to add my comments to it, or add links to other information, or explanations as to why something is trending upward or down. That is, understanding why information is changing, and what it actually means. So it’s this idea of enhancing the information by adding peoples’ expertise along with the analytic result.

“The third one is the collaborative decision-making. So we’d like to not only be able to share the information with people and comment on it, but when we make a decision based off these assets, we can track and figure out what decision was made, and then maybe even analyze that later, to say was it a good decision or a bad decision. And, if it was bad, why?

“So, you [Yellowfin] have kind of taken all that to heart – thank you very much first of all – and built features inside Yellowfin that support these three collaborative components.”


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The Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) is a BI forum based in Denver, Colorado. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts and experts, who participate in regular briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’.

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