Welterweight Fighter Abregu's TKO over Dulorme Creates Unparalleled Demand for Boxing Training Program

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Last week, The Examiner.com reported welterweight fighter Luis Carlos Abregu as reigning supreme over Thomas Dulorme with a total knock-out (TKO) this past Saturday. The report further says Abregu’s victory inches him closer to being top 10 in the welterweight rankings, while proving Dulorme’s need for more boxing training. “Matches like this always inspire up and coming boxers,” says expert fighter and owner of BoxingTraining.net Jimmy Cox, “I credit Abregu’s right hand knock-out as the reason our training program orders have just spiked so much!”

I think people seeing how unprepared Dulorme was against his opponent has brought back the importance of getting the right boxing training into your routine.

Last week's report from The Examiner.com featured the total defeat of boxer Thomas Dulorme by Luis Carlos Abregu this past Saturday night. Abregu’s victory moves him closer to the top 10 spot in welterweight rankings, all while exposing Dulorme’s unpreparedness for such a match. This recent knock-out match created an unequalled spike in sales for expert fighter and owner of BoxingTraining.net, Jimmy Cox's 'Boxing Made Easy' program.

This past Saturday night, October 27th Luis Carlos Abregu totally knocked-out (TKO) boxing hopeful Thomas Dulorme. Abregu’s victory will shift him up the rankings, getting him closer to being amongst the top fighters in the welterweight world. Abregu’s right hand has carved the way for much of his success, with 28 of his 34 victories being by TKO.

Dulorme’s defeat has shaken the up-and-coming boxer, who needs to regain his footing after such a thrashing. His boxing training routines will need to focus on how to avoid right hands such as Abregu’s, which was a continuous threat throughout the match, and what ultimately lead to the fight’s end.

“It takes skill to defend against a strong punch like Abregu's,” says expert fighter and boxing instructor, Jimmy Cox of BoxingTraining.net, “it’s more than just brute strength. Effective boxing training tips can be simple, but they do require a lot of practice. Dulorme just wasn’t skilled up enough to fend against a fighter like Abregu.”

Furthermore, Jimmy believes that Dulorme was placed in the ring against Abregu too soon, his experience and boxing training not being up to par with the known TKO fighter. “Moving a fighter along too quickly in the hopes of publicity can put the fighter’s health and reputation in jeopardy,” says Jimmy. “Dulorme needed his boxing techniques perfected before he was placed against such an opponent. A lot of promotional teams get anxious for media coverage and advance their fighters prematurely."

Jimmy emphasizes that Abregu's victory comes purely from learning the right training routines and being diligent in rehearsing them. He continues, “I credit Abregu’s stellar TKO as the reason why my boxing training program orders have spiked so much in the last week. Aspiring boxers saw how unprepared Dulorme was against his opponent, and that realization made it paramount for them to get the right boxing training into their routine.”

Jimmy finishes by saying he's watched countless fighters in all divisions of boxing become successful, and notes that the victors have one thing in common: the right training routine. “My program, Boxing Made Easy, a complete guide to training & fitness, is often referred to as 'The Boxers Bible', it’s really an essential piece for aspiring fighters. Who knows, amongst my back-log of orders to process, perhaps there’s one in there from Dulorme!”

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