Braille Works Provides Printers That Enable The Blind

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Leading provider of reading materials for the blind, visually impaired and reading disabled now sells and services Index Brand Braille Embossers, as used in the Beijing Olympics.

Braille Index Embossers as Used in the Bejing Olympics

There is software to make the technical translation much faster

When you think of a printer, you probably imagine high-resolution graphics, crisp text and dazzling color -- most sighted people take for granted their ability to see these results. But for the blind and visually impaired, amazing advances in desktop publishing don't translate into better communications.

What makes the difference for the blind community is the advances in Braille Printer technology - and Braille Works is staying on top of them. The company is now a certified sales and service center for all Index Brand Braille Embossers - the same type of printers selected for use in the Olympic Village by the Beijing Olympic Committee.

Braille, raised dots on paper specially positioned to follow a language system, gives blind people the ability to read and write. Braille documents are created by Braille printers or embossers that produce the raised dots by pushing the paper up with hammers in the pattern dictated by the Braille transcription file.

A Local Braille Embosser Connection

Braille Works was founded in 1994 and offers a full range of Braille and alternative format transcription products and services. Whether you need a desktop embosser and the Braille software to communicate with clients or an industrial size embosser that can handle large volume jobs, Braille Works can meet the need.

Translating from Print to Braille
Translating a print document to Braille can be challenging, says Lou Fioritto, co-founder of Braille Works:

"There is software to make the technical translation much faster," he states. "The real art starts when you need to make a user manual intended for the sighted understandable for a blind person. If the manual tells you to press the red button, that does not help the blind user. The text must be interpreted to direct the blind user to where the red button is located without the color reference."

Braille Works helps customers meet that challenge. The company also provides other alternative formats in addition to Braille, including large print, audio recordings and electronic or computer accessible formats. New technologies are being developed everyday to assist the blind and visually impaired, and Braille Works is one of the companies leading the way to a more accessible future. The company recently expanded its facilities to serve customers better and took steps to ensure the security of confidential information:

"We are constantly looking at new technical advances that can provide better, faster, and less expensive access to needed documents. That is what our new facility is all about," Fioritto states as he stands in the center of the secure facility.

The top-quality production plant was constructed to meet the standards required by financial and government clients to maintain the security and privacy of customer information. Braille Works is proud of its International Standards Organization (ISO) 17799 certification.

Fioritto adds, "The Braille and alternative format production industry is no longer the garage-based charitable business it once was. It can't be; economics, technology, privacy and quality requirements will not allow it.

With the growth of the population needing alternative formats, we expect a bright and accessible future. The Baby Boomer population will work and play a vital role in their communities longer than previous generations, and they'll rightfully demand equal access. Braille Works will be there to provide the access in a cost effective, quality driven and timely manner."

About Braille Works

Braille Works is truly dedicated to Braille literacy and making the world a more readable place. Client projects are given careful consideration to make every page easy to read and handle, giving readers the respect and independence they so rightly deserve. From the layout of a Braille document to the brightness of the paper for a large print document or utilizing professional readers for audio projects, our organization strives to meet the needs of client customers with visual and reading impairments. Braille Works consists of top-notch Braille technology and people with Christ-centered standards. We understand some customers may not follow these beliefs, but we state this simply to let customers know what kind of expectations they can have when they use our services. Visit for more information or email brailleworks @


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