Brainy Holiday Gifts: New Brain-Workout Software Sharpens, Rejuvenates the Ol' Gray Matter -- Brain Center America Bundles NeuroActive Program with Memory & Multitasking Software as Holiday Gift Set

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Know anyone who needs a better brain? Could you use one yourself? Stephane Bergeron, M.D., chief executive officer with Brain Center America (BCA), is so confident millions of Americans are seeking sharper minds that he’s offering the company’s newly launched brain-workout software as a specially priced set, right on time for holiday gifting. From Oct. 15, 2008, until Jan. 5, 2009, BCA will offer its NeuroActive Program and Memory & Multitasking Booster software, red ribbons and all, for $99.

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Brain Center America is proud to introduce NeuroActive just in time to meet consumer demand for unique, innovative holiday gifts that are not only fun and easy to use but also provide quick results and meaningful long-term health benefits for people of all ages

NeuroActive, which BCA launched this month in the United States, is a computer-based brain-training program that's differentiated from other systems on the market by its ability to exercise 16 functions throughout the entire brain. NeuroActive is based on scientific research that proves that brain-training exercises increase cognitive function by 20%, improve processing speed and memory, and sharpen the brain so that it performs as well as it did at its peak. Memory & Multitasking Booster, another vital software system, is considered the world's only software that trains the brain to simultaneously perform multiple tasks with greater ease and effectiveness. Both programs, available in English, Spanish, and French, were developed by an international team of physicians and brain specialists. Sold separately, NeuroActive retails for $95, and Memory & Multitasking retails for $69. Prior to their recent U.S. launch, both had already been helping Canadians and Europeans of all ages improve their mind-body health and quality of life.

"Brain Center America is proud to introduce NeuroActive just in time to meet consumer demand for unique, innovative holiday gifts that are not only fun and easy to use but also provide quick results and meaningful long-term health benefits for people of all ages," said Bergeron, the physician/entrepreneur who founded BCA and helped engineer the software system. "NeuroActive is the only software of its kind that provides brain stimulation for sixteen vital functions. It's also unique because it uses an advanced artificial intelligence to continuously adapt the exercises and training levels to the user's performance and generate maximum gains in very little time. Anybody can do it."

The holiday gift set combines the benefits of both programs to help users:

Sharpen 16 brain functions, including memory, processing speed, concentration, and ability to recall faces, names, and information More effectively juggle multiple tasks Keep their brains active and youthful as part of a natural, no-side-effects Alzheimer's disease-prevention strategy Secure quick, long-lasting, measurable results through 15- to 20-minute sessions performed three times per week from anywhere – including homes, offices, and fitness centers – with an easy-to-use, PC- or MAC-compatible system Scientific research proves that the brain, at all ages, has significant potential to acquire new knowledge and skills with proper training and exercise. Known as neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, that recently discovered ability to change and map new neural pathways, stimulate new cell growth, and deliver better blood flow and oxygen to the brain is at the heart of Brain Center America's groundbreaking software systems, which aim to improve short- and long-term memory functions and speedy analysis of situations and information, as well as to enable users to regain long-lost abilities.

About Brain Center America

Brain Center America (BCA), with headquarters in Florida, is the U.S. division of Brain Center International, the Canadian neuroscience company that developed and launched the NeuroActive Program in Canada in 2007. It manufactures and distributes software designed to improve memory, concentration, energy, and total mind-body health with brain-training exercises. Developed by physicians and brain specialists, the patent-pending software is the only one of its kind that targets 16 vital functions throughout the entire brain and deploys advanced artificial intelligence to customize training to the users' skills and generate maximum gains in minimal time. It is sold on the company's Web site, through and at a growing number of online and traditional retail outlets. For free online demos and information or to buy NeuroActive, visit or call 1.888.780.BRAIN (2724).

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