Braincandy Introduces A Whole New Way to Nurture Early Learning With National Launch of Innovative New DVD and Music Collection

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Braincandy's "Five Senses" Series Offers an Organic, Active Approach to Learning Based on Exploration, Experimentation, and Play; Award-Winning Series Now Available Nationwide through Retail Borders Stores, Online at and, and On-Demand through Comcast and Other Cable Outlets

The key to creating happy little learners is to get them excited and engaged in the learning process

Kids learn in different ways, but here's a truth that's universal: If you can get a child excited about learning during the first years of development, you're well on your way to fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime. That's the premise behind Braincandy, an award-winning early learning company that today announced national availability of its groundbreaking new "5 Senses" DVD and music CD series. The collection - including "See My World," "Touch My World," "Hear My World," "Taste My World," and "Smell My World" - is available through Borders,,, and on-demand through cable carries Comcast, Cox, and Charter Cable in the U.S., along with Rogers and Shaw Communications in Canada.

Created by a mom and dad of young twins, Braincandy takes an organic approach to learning that mimics the way a child naturally discovers the world - inviting little ones to explore, experiment, and play through an array of fun activities designed to engage the five senses. Braincandy promotes an active, instead of passive, approach to learning. Guided by Braincandy's gang of silly "sense" puppets Bruce Brain, Ivy Eyes, Nusi Nose, Harry Hand, Mojo Mouth, and Ana Ear, children ages 6 months and up explore the world around them by watching and participating in playful activities - like dipping little fingers into a bowl of sticky honey, tasting cold snow on the tongue, or shadow dancing.

"The key to creating happy little learners is to get them excited and engaged in the learning process," said Sam Reich-Dagnen, co-founder and CEO of Braincandy. "We're at the forefront of an exciting new paradigm that is taking shape in the area of children's media. Our new, inventive content is designed to be a springboard for other experiences away from the screen - creating wonderfully rich opportunities for kids and their parents to experience and explore in the world together."

Braincandy's unique approach helps children construct meaning out of day-to-day experiences. By presenting vividly appealing cause-and-effect scenarios grounded in exploration through the five senses, Braincandy encourages kids to think creatively and independently as they discover the world around them. The DVDs give parents fun, educational ideas, turning a trip to the park or a rainy afternoon into opportunities to nurture critical thinking skills. Plus, parents and kids have a whole lot of fun in the process!

"I was at the park with my two-year-old daughter, Lexie, and we were eating ice cream cones," said Shari Storm, a mother of three in Seattle, Washington. "She looked at me and said: 'Mommy - cold!' She had never verbalized 'cold' before and I knew that she had made this connection because we'd been watching the Braincandy 'Touch My World' DVD, in which the concept of cold is brought to life. That's the kind of awareness about the world that Braincandy facilitates; as a parent I can tell you that it's very exciting to see that light bulb go on!"

Braincandy DVDs can be enjoyed as full 40-minute videos, or in smaller 7-minute themed segments; as a solo experience; or as an interactive parent-and-child experience that is similar to reading together. However families choose to engage, Braincandy is interactive and experiential, inviting viewers young and old along on the learning journey.

Braincandy is endorsed by parents, pediatricians, early learning experts, and children's media advisors throughout the country, including internationally acclaimed children's media researcher and evaluator Michael Cohen, PhD. Dr. Cohen is principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Education Ready to Learn Media Grant. His research and consulting have informed the creation and development of such products as Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Barney, Baby Einstein, and many others. Pediatrician Dr. Larry Wolk, another Braincandy advisor, is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics who created Rocky Mountain Youth, the first non-profit organization of its kind in the country, providing medical and nursing services to un-insured and at-risk children and teenagers throughout the state of Colorado. The passionate team behind Braincandy - all of whom are parents and grandparents - is committed to instilling a passion for learning in every child.

About the Braincandy Five Senses Series:

The Braincandy Five Senses series uses four key creative elements to encourage interaction and motivate early learners.

1.    A gang of silly "sense" puppets representing each of the five senses (Bruce Brain, Harry Hand, Ivy Eyes, Mojo Mouth, Nusi Nose, and Ana Ear) that make kids laugh as they explore new ways of interacting with the world around them.

2.    Sophisticated animation that moves smoothly from live action to animated characters, demonstrating the mind/body connection and how the senses work.

3.    Real kids engaged in experiential, sensory-based activities. This motivates young children to interact with what they see on the screen and mimic what other children are doing. Parents can provide real world "props" - from a lemon to taste to a bear to snuggle - as children experience real-world senses alongside the Braincandy kids.

4.    A yummy music and sound exploration, Braincandy's multi-genre music provides little listeners with a broad variety of tantalizing tunes. Classical, rock-a-billy, Latin, Reggae, and jazz get kids moving and grooving.

DVD Titles Include
Braincandy - See My World
Braincandy - Touch My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Hear My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Taste My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Smell My World (NEW)

Music CDs Titles (Q1 2008)
Braincandy - The World of Braincandy
Braincandy - See My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Touch My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Hear My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Taste My World (NEW)
Braincandy - Smell My World (NEW)

Braincandy, See My World
Eye-catching, dazzling, captivating sights! "See My World" explores vision, color, movement, and all the things we see around us. Young children's eyes light up as Bruce Brain, Ivy Eyes, and the rest of the Sense Gang explore a visual world filled with butterflies, bubbles, and boats. Children can join the Braincandy kids as they play a game of Peek-a-Boo, join a scavenger hunt for colorful balloons and dance to energizing classical music!

Braincandy, Touch My World
Terrific, tactile adventures about hands and skin, including people, places, and all the things we touch! "Touch My World" tickles young children's imaginations with Bruce Brain, Harry Hand, and the rest of the Sense Gang's tactile adventures. From squishy spaghetti to mommy's soft kiss, lively Braincandy kids get their hands dirty as they learn about touch. This fanciful adventure is complemented by a friendly reggae beat that will get children moving and grooving!

Braincandy, Hear My World
Soft, loud, tempo, and rhythm - so many fascinating sounds! In "Hear My World", little ears perk up with Bruce Brain, Ana Ear, and the rest of the Sense Gang as they embark on a fantastic musical adventure. Language and literacy skills develop organically, from listening to a game of "telephone" to taking a delightful "sound walk" through the park. Little feet get moving to the zesty Latin beat!

Braincandy, Taste My World
Testing tongues is lip-smacking fun! From raspberries to radishes, young children are introduced to the world of taste. Yummy or yucky? Bruce Brain, Mojo Mouth, and the Sense Gang taste their way through this delicious adventure. Every taste bud on little thinkers' tongues explodes with lessons about the world. Trying new foods even becomes fun! Country vibes get children up and dancing. From lemons to lollypops, these lessons are definitely sweet fun!

Braincandy, Smell My World
Sniff out all sorts of scents! From sweet to stinky - let children follow their noses. What do noses know? Nusi Nose and the Sense Gang sniff out answers to scent-sible questions. The Braincandy kids make lemons into lemonade and discover how their sense of smell can keep them safe from harm. Noses are twitching and toes tapping to the rhythms of hot jazz and cool blues!

About Braincandy
Braincandy is an award-winning children's products company offering enriching, entertaining DVDs and music CDs, and will soon be expanding into books, toys, plush, apparel, and more. Backed by pediatricians, children's media experts and parents everywhere, Braincandy products are designed to help very young children learn to think more creatively through exploration, experimentation, and play. Braincandy products are currently available at Borders, specialty retail stores, children's museums and science centers, major online retailers and on-demand from cable carriers Comcast and Cox in the U.S. and Rogers and Shaw Communications in Canada. Braincandy is distributed by Rhino Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group.


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