Brainstorming in a Web2.0 World -- Instant Creativity, Genius Results With ThoughtOffice Innovation Software

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Brainstorming has long been a key methodology for creative professionals. IdeaBrowser, the lateral-thinking part of the ThoughtOffice suite of creativity software programs, extends and expands the brainstorming concept far beyond the conference table. Embedded Web2.0 technologies keep ThoughtOffice always up-to-date.

Associative thinking and brainstorming has long been a key methodology for creative professionals. IdeaBrowser, which is the lateral-thinking interface for the ThoughtOffice suite of creativity software programs, extends and expands the brainstorming concept far beyond the conference table. The software makes it possible for consultants, creative professionals and businesses innovators to develop dialogue that generates powerful new ideas -- alone or as part of a group. The IdeaBrowser provides convenient access to key internet resources and the opportunity to initiate a virtual connection with creative partners. Users of the software record their brainstorming sessions and iterate them as necessary.

Idea-generator: With the ThoughtOffice brainstorming software suite, ideas can be captured before they fade way, recalled and enhanced at will. This newly updated software gives users a simple, disciplined and practically fail-safe creative process users can manage with a few mouse clicks.

Meetings often take long too set up and can lack focus if the chemistry isn't right. With creativity software, the ThoughtOffice suite, creative professionals can work alone or in groups that may include people around the planet -- from Hong Kong to Seattle, from Amsterdam to Atlanta. In today's highly competitive business environment, this edge can make the difference between success and failure. Survival in business often depends on acting quickly and having great ideas. According to creativity experts, to stay on the leading edge of creative thinking in a Web 2.0 world, creatives need to find and employ the most flexible and appropriate techniques.

ThoughtOffice was designed to make these tools widely available, using the web as the backbone for knowledge enhancement and management.ThoughtOffice Innovation Software helps speed the brainstorming process and allows creatives to circulate ideas with less effort than has been possible in the past. And handing-off the ideas is easy: your creative process is detailed in a series of easy to understand steps.

"Brainstorming times the power of X is one way to describe the breakthrough ThoughtOffice makes possible. Associative thinking processes often relied on the heavy-lifting process of digging deep into the mind. With the IdeaBrowser's new connectivity, users can just begin to explore with a word, and associations and images will flow into place," says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of ThoughtOffice, developers of the
ThoughtOffice brainstorming software suite. "The ability to innovate depends on fresh ideas and new thinking. This is what moves projects from R&D to the mainstream whether among consumers or business-to-business. New ideas are presented with clarity via text and image messaging that cuts through the clutter. In the end, this helps creatives develop and move product. It's that simple."

ThoughtOffice has released a brainstorming software solution that helps that brings the creative process fully into the information age. ThoughtOffice asks 13,700 questions across 17 different topics that help accelerate brainstorming for individuals or groups in any setting. It gets at the critical elements used by the best thinkers to find effective solutions to creative challenges -- with questions, answers, phrases, links, and images now available thanks to the power of Web2.0 technologies and the unlimited and real-time database updates made available by the web.

ThoughtOffice associative thinking software provides over 9 million creative triggers, organized by keywords, that stimulate the creative process and drive innovation further, complimenting many other brainstorming and creativity software programs. More than 350 companies in the Fortune 500 have purchased copies of ThoughtOffice, and over 10,000 ad agencies, design firms, software developers, writers and educational institutions.

"Here's an opportunity, at a very low cost, for every writer or creative professional to gain a real edge," comments Martin Grossman, an award-winning writer using the ThoughtOffice software suite. "In the coming year the updated release of ThoughtOffice, you'll see the technology behind the IdeaBrowser move to a different level. I believe it will help creatives worldwide bring their ideas to life faster than ever."

The ThoughtOffice Software Suite is available for $97-$499 direct from the web site, or from and software distributors worldwide. The base program comes complete with an online database of 9,523,680 words and phrases, and over 1,000 questions that help evaluate a process, and analyze it the way a top-notch private investigator would. Our proprietary forensic process clarifies the motives behind your creative process.

For more information, please visit, or call 1-360-312-4312.

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington State firm focused on innovation and creativity solutions for 21st Century firms. The company is founded by a one-time Inc. 500 company executive and nine-time serial entrepreneur. The management team and advisors are focused on helping companies innovate faster, better and with real purpose. Call 360-312-4312 or visit for more information and to connect with the management, sales and support staff.


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