New Business Book about Branding Delivers the Answer of How to Get into Your Customers' Heads

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Marketing speaker / author Chris Houchens has released his latest book, Brand Zeitgeist: Embedding Brand Relationships into the Collective Consciousness. This new business book reinforces basic marketing and branding principles and illustrates how businesses can use fundamental aspects of human nature to develop a brand strategy.

Front Cover of Brand Zeitgeist

Brand Zeitgeist answers the critical question you should be asking to grow your business: What does it take to get under your customer’s skin?

In Brand Zeitgeist, marketing expert and keynote speaker Chris Houchens uses real world examples to provide a practical look at the fundamentals of branding and offers a common sense guide for businesses to develop branding and marketing strategies.

Houchens makes the point that brands are reliant upon the zeitgeist, the constantly evolving collective consciousness of society, to have any real level of brand awareness. Brands should be aware of the current zeitgeist to craft effective marketing messages and for positive brand evolution.

The book teaches that a brand is nothing more than a relationship between a customer and the business. The question is how do you nurture that relationship and develop other relationships with new customers? Businesses can tap into the power of the zeitgeist to spread their marketing messages by bringing their brand to the forefront of customers' minds. Businesses can also use the zeitgeist to provide those customers the tools to spread their message through word-of-mouth and other viral channels.

Brand Zeitgeist looks at how people relate to brands and offers readers three points (development, messaging, and customer service / experience) that all brands need to address in order to build a brand zeitgeist.

Houchens said, "I wanted to write a book that encompassed an entire marketing philosophy. The foundation and core of all marketing activities is built on the brand so that seemed a good guide to use. Also, as I go and speak to groups, I find that people don't understand what a brand is. I wanted to write a simple and common sense explanation of branding. I tried to use examples that haven't really been used before in branding books so we get some unique stories ranging from Santa Claus to how Hawaiians eat SPAM as illustrations of brand strategy. I attempted to write the book in a way so that anyone, even if they're not a marketer, would enjoy it. But I also think that seasoned brand pros will enjoy the fresh perspective of branding that the book brings."

Some of the marketing questions that Brand Zeitgeist answers are:

  • How important are logos and other visual brand elements?
  • How should brands evolve to stay fresh?
  • How does word-of-mouth marketing spread?
  • How important are advertising and customer service in a brand strategy?
  • How can brands use the power of social media and online communities?
  • How can branding be built-in during product development?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness and ROI of branding efforts?

The book is available for sale at local independent booksellers, national retailers like Borders and Barnes & Noble, and online retailers like

Readers can find a book excerpt, read reviews, and find out more at the book's web site at

About the author: Chris Houchens spent years working in both media and marketing including as the operations manager of a radio group, as the online director of a newspaper, and as the marketing director of a healthcare organization. Today, he is a dynamic marketing speaker traveling worldwide delivering marketing keynotes and other presentations to conferences and corporate events. Chris' blog, the Shotgun Marketing Blog, offers common sense insights on marketing and has been ranked as a top marketing blog.

The author of Brand Zeitgeist, Chris Houchens, is available for interviews. Please call 270-991-6544 or email for arrangements.

Press Kit:
Visit the Brand Zeitgeist web site to download high-resolution cover art, photos of the author, full press/media kit, and more.

Zeitgeist = "ZIGHT-gyst"
Houchens = "HOW-chins"


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